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Forged In Shadow Torch game is an action RPG game with graphics that are rather dark and atmospheric. In this game you have to do the quests and level up your character’s skills in order to progress through the story.

The game is currently only available for IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It’s free to play, but there are items that can be bought inside the app exchange between real currency or in-game currency which is earned by playing the game or completing quests. Also, there are ads that show up when you die. These ads vary from showing a new item or quest to something completely different, like sports articles from ESPN.

Descargar fist forged in Shadow Torch pc Gamesfreefull – Overview

There are three classes to choose from: warrior, rogue and mage. The warrior is the standard melee fighter with good health and armor as well as high damage. The rogue is a ranged/stabbing class, with weak armor but high damage on a few hits. The mage is a magical based caster with quite weak armor but decent damage.

There are various skills to choose from for each class, along with passive abilities that can be selected between levels 1, 20 and 40. It’s important to plan the special skill build before starting the game because once it’s set, there isn’t any way to change it unless you begin a new character. Modifying passive abilities is possible later on as the player levels up.

Forging Shadow torch adds an interesting twist to the concept of survival games by throwing in an RPG element. The combat and questing aspects of the game are very well developed and enjoyable to use. The graphics are not great, but they do fit perfectly with the game’s dark atmosphere, so they don’t really need to be better anyway. There are no glitches with the game that we have encountered at this time, other than a bug with one of our shields where it wouldn’t break if we were attacked in some way, but that was fixed quickly by simply removing and adding it again. There are numerous small bugs that are to be expected in a game that is currently in Beta, such as NPCs not doing what they should or the occasional glitch where you get stuck on a building when jumping. However, these have not stopped us from enjoying the game and we are still able to complete quests etc.

We think this is a great game with lots of potential and will definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing survival games but also wants some RPG elements included as well. Forged In Shadow Torch has also just been greenlit on Steam and so hopefully in the near future we will be able to experience this game on PC too, which will allow for better graphics, more abilities, quests etc.

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