How to power cycle a Wyze camera easily in 2022

The Wyze camera improves CCTV monitoring. The camera provides a clear and clean view of the surroundings around your home.

Wyze cameras are a smart investment in smart home security protocols. Sometimes they can be a problem. This is a problem if you have a Wyze camera in your house. You may also have difficulty reviewing the footage frequently.

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This problem can be solved by giving your Wyze camera an update. The question is: How do you power cycle your Wyze camera? This article will answer your question.

If you’re having trouble with your Wyze Camera, one troubleshooting step you can try is power cycling the camera. This means you’ll turn off the power to the camera, wait a few seconds, and then turn the power back on. Here’s how to power cycle your Wyze Camera:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the Wyze Camera.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the power adapter back into the Wyze Camera.
  4. Wait up to 2 minutes for the Wyze Camera to restart.

After power cycling, your Wyze Camera checks to see if the issue you were experiencing has been resolved. 

What does it means to power cycle the Wyze cam ?

If your Wyze Cam isn’t working as expected, you may need to power cycle the device. Power cycling is the process of turning a device off and then back on again. This can sometimes resolve issues with the device. To power cycle, your Wyze Cam simply unplugs the power cord from the device and then plugs it back in. You should see the blue LED light come on, indicating that the Wyze Cam is powered on.

How to power cycle a Wyze camera

How to power cycle a Wyze camera

Step 1: You first need to inspect the backside of your Outdoor Wyze camera. Next, flip the power switch to the Off position. If necessary, unplug your camera’s power source.

Step 2: You will now need to wait around 30 seconds.

Step 3: You will now need to turn the Camera’s power back on to the On position.

If you have the Wyze Cam Outdoor, you can power cycle it here

  1. Find the power switch at the back.
  2. Change it to the ON position.
  3. If the cord has been connected to a source of power, unplug it.
  4. For approximately 30 seconds, wait.
  5. Flip the power switch from the OFF position to the ON.

You can use the Wyze app to remotely power cycle your Wyze camera.

  1. Start the app.
  2. Click on Live Stream.
  3. Select the Gear Icon.
  4. Tap Restart Device.

Wrapping Up

Power cycling your Wyze Camera is a simple way to reset your device and can often fix common issues. If you’re experiencing issues with your Wyze Camera, we recommend power cycling it as the first troubleshooting step. T

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