[Finally Fixed] Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector, Steps to Take and Steps to Avoid

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector | Overview

iOS will alert you if there is water in the Lightning connector. Desiccants like silica gel and leaving your iPhone in dry conditions can be helpful.

All major smartphone manufacturers use water-resistant devices as a standard. Since the iPhone 7, all iPhones have been water-resistant. Water-resistant isn’t the same thing as waterproof. I have had many friends use the Liquid Detected Lightning Connector alert. After drying the phone, I can charge it again.

The iPhone alert “Liquid detected in Lightning Connector” indicates that your phone’s charger port is wet. The port will not be fully dry, so you can still use the phone. You can charge your phone with a cordless charger while it waits.

What to do if liquids Have Been Detected in The lighting Connection?

First of all, I recommend that you not use the “Emergency Override” and instead allow your smartphone to air dry.

You can also keep your phone exactly as it is. Just hit “Dismiss.” It shouldn’t be a problem, and it won’t cause additional damage. It’s okay not to plug it in!

Follow These Steps and Get It Fixed

  1. Unplug all cables and accessories that are connected to your iPhone
  2. To help drain liquids from the Lightning port, hold the iPhone in your hands.
  3. Place your iPhone inside a ventilated, open and dry place
  4. Allow your device to rest for at least 30 seconds before you try to charge it again.

The “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Alert” alert may come back. This is because liquid residue could be beneath the Lightning connectors. Wait at least 30 minutes before you try to charge it again.

Meaning of Liquid in the Lightning Connector

liquid detected in lightning connector

After a swim, your iPhone might display a Liquid Detected message. This is because the Lightning port on your iPhone is open and is not exposed to water. But it will when you plug it in to charge the Lightning cable.

If your iPhone detects liquids in the charging port, this error message will be displayed to warn you not to plug in a Lightning cable or cause damage.

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Sometimes, however, an error message might pop up due to a Lightning connector bug. If you are certain that your iPhone was not in liquid before, it is most likely to occur.

Steps to Take if liquid is detected in a lighting connector

A lot of advice is available online regarding liquid damaged iPhones. This advice will not fix your device, and it can often cause more damage.

Avoid These Below:

  1. You should not keep your phone in a silica gel packet or rice container.
  2. To dry your iPhone with heat, such as a hairdryer or radiator, avoid.
  3. Do not insert any items into the Lighting port.

Charging My Phone Wirelessly, Is it Possible ?

Wireless charging can still be used even if the Lightning port is damaged or your phone is moist.

While your wireless charger is safe to use, you should not connect any Lightning accessories to it unless the iPhone’s battery is fully charged.

Wrapping Up

It is important to dry any liquid that has been found in the charging port. You can also let it air dry or remove moisture with desiccants.

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