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College Major | Overview

A college major refers to an academic discipline where an undergraduate student enrolls and successfully completes all required courses. This qualifies a major for an undergraduate degree.

It is important to choose the right college major.

Some college courses can be considered boring by some, but they are interesting and enjoyable to others. While some college majors are interesting, others can have ridiculously high yearly income. We’ve compiled a list of the top college majors that pay well.

Many people believe education can be divided into difficult and easy majors. Some people excel in literature, psychology, and the social sciences, while others struggle to master physics, mathematics, or chemistry. STEM majors, on the other hand, enjoy scientific subjects but hate to read and analyze books and personalities.

Easy College Major to Choose

College Major and Careers

It is up to you to decide what easy college major you want. It is a subjective term that is largely determined by your high school performance, dedication and GPA. You may find certain college majors more challenging depending on your dedication, hobbies, or interests.

Regardless, you will be the best person to decide if a college major is right for you. You may be good at something but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can graduate with that major. It’s important to consider what makes a particular major interesting and easy. It’s not uncommon for students to choose college majors that are similar to what they excelled in during secondary school. Students will also find the easiest courses among subjects where they have the highest GPA.

1. English Major

English Major is more than a literature major. English Majors are able to immerse themselves in prose, poetry, and novels with ease. They also enjoy exploring the limits of human creativity. You are also a good friend who can help you with English, and you enjoy participating in spelling competitions or book reading groups. This major is for you. English Major will improve your English language skills and practice. It also teaches you how literature can be analyzed and it is all about the great books ever written.

English Major Salary

  • Technical writer ($58K-$85K).
  • Content Writer ($48K-$66K)
  • Office Manager ($48K – $78K)
  • Copywriter ($52K-$91K)
  • Executive Assistant (55K-$68K).

2. Major in Psychology

The psychology major is first on the list for the easiest college majors in 2021. Psychology is a major that focuses on understanding the psychology of people and the inner workings of culture and society.

Jobs & Annual Median Salary

  • Chief Human Resources Officer $185,000.
  • Human Resources Manager $121,220
  • General and Operations Manager 103,650
  • Project Management Specialist $77.420
  • 75,330 for Registered Nurse

3. Major in Criminal Justice

Do you ever feel like you have a sense for right and wrong? Do you desire to help others and show them how to respect the law? Are you looking to work with justice and truth? A Criminal Justice major will help you do all that and make you righteous like your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Criminal Justice Major Salary

  • Police Detective ($62K-$65K)
  • Private detective or investigator ($53K-$57K
  • Security Manager ($67K-$94K).
  • Paralegal ($48K-$76K).
  • Probation Officer (43K-45K).

4. Creativity in Writing

You can earn a creative writing degree and learn how to communicate effectively. This includes the ability to analyze existing writing and create your own work.

Writing a creative writing degree can be very time-consuming, especially if you have writer’s block. A creative writing major does not require you to spend time in the lab or do advanced math.

Creative writers can expect to make an average of $50,000 per year.

5. Major in Anthropology

Anthropology studies the evolution of cultural history and social relations. This field often includes archaeology so students majoring in anthropology might spend some time digging and excavating.

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An anthropology major involves the study of sociology, history, as well as anthropology. Students will need to read and write extensively, but advanced statistics and other math are not required.

Anthropology Major Salary

  • Anthropologist ($61K-$62K)
  • Program Director ($57K-$107K)
  • Archivist ($50K-$71K)
  • Social Worker ($46K-$70K)
  • Human Resources Manager ($67K-$112K)

6. Communication and Media

Did you ever consider the influence communication and media has on our world? Different opinions and perspectives exist about major events in the world. And people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions to the rest of humanity. A communications major might be right for you if your communication skills are able to move people and events.

You’ll learn about different cultures, genders and sexual orientations as well as the politics that underpin them. You can use your communication skills to make a difference in the world. There are many schools that will help you develop and improve those skills.

Communications Major Salary

  • Marketing Director ($87K-$143K)
  • Marketing Manager ($65-$105K).
  • Public Relations Specialist ($49K-$104K).
  • Reporter ($48K-53K).
  • Account Manager($53K-$74K)

7. History Major

The major of life is history. It is often called easy because it is a collection of chronological facts that show how humanity has survived through the centuries. This major requires students to understand the significance of historical events and public figures who shaped their times. These skills are useful for many other careers than history teachers.

History Major, Positions With Good Salary

  • Director of Operations ($74K-$176K)
  • Associate Attorney ($74K-$96K)
  • Research Analyst ($59K-$71K)
  • High School Teacher ($59K-$61K)
  • Museum Technician ($45K-$56K)

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