New Method to get HBO Max Student Discount in 2022

HBO Max for Students | Overview

HBO launched the new HBO Max in May 2020. HBO Max provides access to all HBO TV series as well as the entire library of Warner Brothers films. This includes D.C. Entertainment’s “Wonder Woman: 1983,” which was released on their first-ever service.

There are more than 10,000 hours worth of content, and HBO Max hosts popular T.V. shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

Since 2022, HBO has not offered a discount subscription to students for HBO Max or HBO Go. In the past, HBO Max had student discounts. At the moment, the lowest price to subscribe to HBO Max is $14.99 per month.

It’s not easy to pay college tuition and manage your personal expenses as a student. But it’s essential, so you don’t get in trouble. Students are very careful with their spending habits and will take advantage of any savings opportunities.

You would be elated if your favorite video streaming service offered a student discount, even if your parents are not millionaires. HBO offers a unique offer for students this time.

Any Method to Get Free HBO Max for Students?

New Method to get HBO Max Student Discount

HBO Max is only available to subscribers who already have HBO Now or HBO Now. Some may be surprised to learn that HBO Max is already included in their satellite or cable subscription to HBO and HBO Now.

You can also get HBO Max by purchasing a T.V. and internet package at the same price. You can get HBO Max free of charge with AT&T’s Fiber 1,000 MPS plan.

Students cannot get a free trial of HBO Max. HBO Max had a seven-day free trial that ended in December 2020.

The company has not yet announced any promos that include student discounts on any of the HBO products mentioned above.

The cheapest HBO Max subscription is $14.99/month for teachers and students. There’s no discount available to students and teachers who enter 2022.

However, 2022 is still in its infancy, and new discounts may be available for college students.

If you have an HBO student discount, you will still be able to continue with your HBO Max subscription at $9.99/month.

HBO Max is not Free with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime does not include HBO Max, so HBO Max cannot be free. You will need to pay for both Amazon Prime and HBO Max if you order HBO Max.

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Amazon Prime is $12.99/month, and HBO Max costs $14.99/month for a total of $27.98/month. Amazon Prime offers a lot more than just streaming.

You get music streaming free of charge and free shipping on all orders through Amazon Prime. You can also save 25% if you sign up for the entire year rather than monthly.

Amazon Prime also offers a huge library of movies and T.V. shows as well as documentaries.

Six HBO Max Alternatives for Students

HBO isn’t the only streaming service, but it is the best because it offers subscription tiers.

Netflix, Hulu, and other services charge one price, while HBO offers a variety of pricing options and content packages. Some are looking at other options, as HBO Max does not offer a student discount.

Some HBO alternatives offer discounts for students or teachers.

Some video streaming options don’t offer this option. The latter offers plans that are affordable enough for students and low-budget people.

Here are the list of HBO Max alternatives for students:

  1. YouTube Premium 
  2. Hulu
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Paramount+
  5. ShowTime
  6. Apple T.V.

Read More About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime offers a few benefits that every user can benefit from. Amazon Prime gives you free delivery when you place an order via Amazon Prime.

This is a membership privilege that goes beyond the streaming services being offered.

Additionally, their Prime service offers music streaming for free. You can also save 25% on your yearly subscription rather than making intermediate monthly payments.

Amazon Prime and HBO Max offer a wide range of T.V. programs, documentaries, movies, as well as a large selection of other entertainment. Amazon Prime students discount is now the way to go

Amazon created Amazon Prime Student to provide entertainment and education for college students.

This program is only $6.49 a month and includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and access to thousands more T.V. shows and movies.

Prime Student’s student discounts make Prime Student the preferred choice for college students. Prime Student is a new program that allows you to receive a 6-month free trial.

This trial period is available before you pay the membership fee. However, you can cancel anytime.

Fan Gear & Collectibles also offers the option to purchase your favorite items on Amazon. Then, you can easily search for discounted products and then get free shipping to the destination of your choice upon checkout.

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