How to Add Birthday field to HubSpot

Having difficulties adding birthday field to HubSpot? this article is for you. To add a birthday field to HubSpot, you must first create a new contact property. To do this, go to your Contacts menu and click on Contact Properties. From here, click on the Create Property button. 

Once you have reached this screen, the next step is selecting the field type you would like your contact property to be for. The most common options for this are Date of Birth or Social Security Number since contacts often need these fields within their profiles in HubSpot. You can also choose from multiple others if needed (Address/Phone Number).

Once you have selected the field type, you will then need to select the required permissions for this property in the “Permissions” section. You will want to make sure that any contact assigned with this property will be able to edit this if they are adding their own information into HubSpot. 

Finally, you will need to give your new property a name and a few other details about your new information being entered for contacts. You can also choose from multiple formats here (MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY). You only need to do this once, but you can create as many properties as you would like in your HubSpot.

In addition to adding a “Date of Birth” property for each contact in HubSpot, you can also use the “Birthday” field to enter their Birthday (such as DD/MM/DD), which will bring up the contact’s Birthday in their profile (in the Contact tab). In order to accomplish this, go back to your Contact Properties and click on the Edit button next to Birthday. This will allow you to enter in a custom format for your date.

How to create a data property on HubSpot

  • Click the settings icon in your main navigation bar to open your HubSpot account.
  • Navigate to Properties from the left sidebar menu.
  • Navigate to Select an object and click Contact properties.
  • Click on Create property.
  • Click Next to fill in the Object type, Group, and Label.
  • Click Create to set the field’s type to the Date picker.
  • You have successfully created a custom Date property.

HubSpot Overview

Hubspot is a marketing automation platform that includes a wide range of tools for managing inbound leads and converting them into sales. Hubspot has been better known for its blog content, but this is changing with the release of Inbox by Hubspot, which has been designed to create powerful customer engagement at scale.

“Publishers need to think differently about what they’re publishing. They need to learn how to create, generate and leverage content that gets results. In doing so, they’ll be able to keep pace with their customer’s ever-evolving expectations for quality and timeliness.”

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“Inbox by Hubspot provides publishers with a new set of tools to get more from every post. The ability to publish in the most useful format for your audience transforms how you publish so you can build and foster relationships with readers.”

“Inbox by Hubspot enables a powerful publish-by-email model that’s tightly integrated with Hubspot’s growing library of third parties.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to add a birthday field to Hubspot consider how you can use this information to improve your customer relationships. You could send automated birthday emails to wish your customers a happy birthday and direct them to a special offer or discount.

You could also segment your email list by Birthday so that you can send targeted campaigns throughout the year. Whatever you do, make sure you’re taking advantage of this valuable customer data!

Originally posted 2022-06-25 12:27:41.

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