[Answered] Is Energy a Good Career Path ? | Top Jobs in the Energy Sector

Careers and Energy | Overview

One of the most important career fields is energy. This involves the use of renewable energy around the globe and a search for more sustainable energy sources. Energy is a major market. It is an integral part of our daily lives.

Energy jobs involve primarily finding, refining and producing power or fuel for human consumption.

This field could be for you if you enjoy the idea of working in an industry that has a direct impact on every aspect of your life. There are many opportunities in the energy industry for both skilled and unskilled labour.

There are also opportunities to work in higher-ranking technical engineering positions. You can do whatever you want in the energy industry as a career. You might be wondering if you could make a career out of energy.

Engineering in Different Energy Sectors | Overview

1. Oil and Gas

The energy industry offers many opportunities and career pathways. The most popular path to engineering is in the oil-and-gas industry. The oil-and-gas industry focuses on transporting, refining, and extracting petroleum-based products.

Further, the oil and gas industry is divided into three segments: upstream and midstream. Upstream refers to the extraction and storage of oil and natural gas. The midstream is the sector responsible for the transportation, storage and wholesale of crude oil. Lastly, the downstream refers to refining, processing, and distributing crude oils.

2. Electricity generation

Natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels are major energy sources for power generation. These sources provide electricity in large, industrial-scale turbine Generators. They convert mechanical energy to electric energy.

Similar to the oil and gas industry, the design and execution of associated infrastructure require collaboration between mechanical and electric engineers. It is the responsibility of chemical engineers to identify the fuel sources that will power large-scale generators. Industrial engineers optimize all of these processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

3. Renewable and Clean Energy

The implementation and use of renewable and clean energy sources have received a lot of attention in recent years. Common sources of renewable energy include wind farms and solar panel farms and nuclear energy and biodegradable energy sources.

Engineers can repurpose existing skills to produce energy by shifting towards renewability.

Career Options for Energy, Is there any ?

is energy a good career path

Like all successful careers, you must first get the education that you need. A bachelor’s degree is required to become an energy engineer.

You may need to take classes in chemical science, renewable energy systems, mechanics, hybrid transportation, differential equations and other types of energy systems during your studies.

You may need more than one degree, depending on the career path you choose. After completing your education, you can go on to a master’s degree or even a doctorate. Then, you will need to gain practical experience in the energy industry.

You will need to complete your education in order to obtain a professional energy engineer license.

You will need to show proof of a degree and some experience in the energy industry.

Wrapping Up

The energy industry offers a rewarding and exciting career path for current and prospective engineers. There is a growing demand for affordable, safe and efficient ways to work. Our current goal is to make the transition towards renewable energy while slowly reducing our reliance on existing methods.

Sometimes, the energy industry gets a bad name. Many of these negative press stories are caused by high-profile accidents like Deepwater Horizon or environmental concerns arising from fracking. The industry provides a safe and affordable way to power the economy. Energy is a promising career option for engineers who are forward-thinking.

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