[Updated 2022] 20 Quick Certifications That Pay well

A quick certification is one of the best ways to move up, get more money, or change jobs. Certificate programs will help you acquire the skills and experience required for a specific job.

You can now complete a certificate program from a university online.

Many certifications are well-paid and offered by reputable providers in different disciplines. The top 15 certifications will help you get started and increase your earning potential.

While a large percentage of job openings require a college degree or higher, many quick certificates are available that can be obtained in 2022.

It is a fact that college choices are influenced by many factors such as financial need, future career plans, education qualifications, and interests.

It is important to choose a rewarding career. There are many short certificate programs available that pay well. It takes between 3 and 12 months to complete. If you feel the need, you can pursue a degree or diploma program to further your career.

Quick Certifications That Pay well In 2022

20 Quick Certifications That Pay well

1. Assistant and Aide in Physical Therapy

One of the most lucrative certificate programs is Physical Therapy Assistant and Aid. It’s a rewarding career that allows for a quick education.

These professionals assist patients with injuries and illnesses. They assist in setting up equipment, moving patients, and performing administrative tasks.

2. Makeup artists

This program is the highest-paying, quick-certification program. In theatrical and performance settings, makeup artists tend to apply makeup to performers to reflect their roles’ setting, time, and context.

You can also work with performing artists, motion picture and video companies, and personal care service providers.

The median annual wage of makeup artists (performance or theatrical) is $120 000. Top earners earn more than $160,000.

3. Web Development

This certification is one of the most popular and well-paid. Web developers design and create websites.

They maintain the site by monitoring its performance, speed, capacity, and other aspects.

There are many job opportunities for web developers. Others work in computer systems design firms, while marketing departments or companies employ others. Some may also be self-employed.

4. Radiologic Technologists

This is one of few high-paying hospital jobs that you can do without a bachelor’s. However, you will need an associate degree.

You can also pursue a bachelor’s or postsecondary degree by enrolling in one of the many graduate certificate programs offered by postsecondary education.

The median annual salary of radiologic technologists is $61,900, while experienced top earners can receive up to $92,660 per year (or 44.54 an hour).

5. Phlebotomy Tech

If you are looking for a job in the Healthcare field, then a phlebotomy technician might be the job you want.

The phlebotomist spends many days collecting blood from individuals. Their job is to draw blood from people for research, individual testing, and possibly donations. It is their duty to inform patients about the reasons and methods for taking their blood.

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For phlebotomists, there are many employment options. They can work in laboratories, donor centers, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other places. The 4 Week Certification PhlebotomyTech program is also available.

6. Flight Attendants

This certificate program is very similar to Air Traffic Control, but it takes much less time to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

You will have many opportunities to visit countries and continents all over the globe with this program. Some of your tasks include providing assistance and food for passengers during flights.

It is important to remember that flights may take place during the day or at night. You need to be able and willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

7. Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology is a fast-growing certificate program that pays well. These professionals work in operating rooms. They assist in the preparation of operating rooms, setting up equipment, sterilizing patients, and assisting doctors during surgery.

8. Hearing Aid Specialists

This certification is a quick one that pays well and does not require a bachelor’s degree. You will be responsible for assessing the severity of hearing loss in patients by performing various hearing tests.

Based on the test results, you will recommend the best hearing aid. You can also assist with the fitting of the hearing aid in the patient’s ears. Their median annual income is $53,000, while the highest-earning earners make more than $81,000 per year.

9. Industrial Engineering Technology

Another certification that pays well is this one, which you should consider.

Industrial engineers are assisted by industrial engineers in revising the operations of their plants and other industrial locations.

Their job is to improve the operation and layout of equipment to make factories run more efficiently.

10. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) Technicians

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) certification program takes at most six months to complete. Advanced levels take up to 2 years.

This certification is one that pays well, as it has a mean annual income of approximately $53,000.

An HVCAR certification prepares you to work in a variety of jobs like a turbine technician, stationary engineer or general maintenance and repairs worker, solar photovoltaic installation installer, boiler operator, or even an electrician.

11. Electrician

An electrician is responsible for installing, maintaining, fixing, and repairing electrical wiring in homes or buildings.

Their duties include monitoring smart gadgets, cameras, and electrical systems. To complete a job as an electrician, you’ll be required to work at different temperatures and locations. It is one of the most highly-paid certifications.

12. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Becoming a certified solar photovoltaic (PV) installer is also possible. This certification pays well. The tasks you will have to perform include installing and maintaining solar PV systems, roofs, or other structures.

Many PV installers must have a high-school diploma. There are training courses available at technical institutes, trade schools, and community colleges.

Some PV installers receive training on the job for as long as a year. You will learn safety, tools, and techniques for installing PV systems.

13. Carpentry

Carpentry is an example of a high-paying occupation that can be earned with minimal education and on-the-job training.

You will build homes and frames for other structures as a Carpenter. A lot of repairs are also possible. This job requires strength and endurance. This job will require you to spend a lot of time outdoors in the elements.

14. Choreographers

Choreographers are skilled in creating dance routines, and they often conduct rehearsals for the routines. They can also stage and direct presentations.

Many choreographers begin their careers as dancers and then rise up the ranks. Others decide to continue their education by enrolling in colleges or universities for master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Start by enrolling in dance programs at high schools or summer training programs professional dance companies offer.

These companies frequently offer intensive summer training programs that allow them to select potential candidates for their full-time training programs.

15. Pharmacy Technician Professional

A pharmacy technician certification is also highly recommended and pays well. These pharmacists supervise the work of these professionals to fill and prepare prescriptions.

They handle most customer interaction, except that of explaining medications. Those are handled only by the pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians work in either a pharmacy or a hospital.

16. Emergency Medical Technicians

One of the many certifications that pay well is the paramedic certificate program. Some people earn as high as $60,000 annually.

It includes the ability to stabilize patients, provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation, insert IV lines, deliver babies, manage injuries and fractures, and provide oxygen to patients. This work requires someone who can respond quickly to emergencies and provide care.

Paramedics can face some of life’s most challenging situations. They need empathy and compassion.


The benefits of a professional certification include a lot more career satisfaction. You can grow your career at the pace you choose. These certifications are essential if you truly want to reach your goals. You shouldn’t sit at your desk for years and do the same job every day. Accept the challenge and work towards the certificates. There are many certificate programs available that pay well. You can start with the ones listed here by following our guidelines.

You don’t need a 4-year college degree to get a lot of money from other fast certifications. It is important to think about your passion, future career opportunities, financial ability, and other factors. These programs may be a way to jumpstart your career.

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