20 Outstanding Open University Jobs | Ou Tutor Vacancies

Open University Jobs/Tutor Vacancies

Open university jobs or vacancies consist of various job roles within the University for persons who indeed possess the required qualifications and are also passionate when it comes to disseminating good services for the smooth running of the University, this roles include Academic, executive positions, research jobs, Administrative, and support, etc.

The University, since its time in memorial, has been a promoter of diversity in the aspect of recruiting for a wide range of roles in the University.

The Open University is a United Kingdom based long-distance learning University that indeed has existed for over 50 years with its students cutting across the Uk and other parts of the world. The University has it headquarter located at Waslton Hall in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

The Open University is an Internationally recognized institution established by the Royal Charter in 1969 to give anyone anywhere access to quality education. The University has an excellent track record of rendering or delivering top-notch tutoring services and outstanding support to its student all-round the globe.

The University is currently the largest in the United Kingdom and also a world leader in the aspect of delivering quality part-time studies alongside rich educational resources; with its teaching spanning across 200,000 students all around the world, it offers a unique interdisciplinary research culture to instill both academics and creative research culture in its student.

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The Open University jobs also welcome job seekers with any form of disability. Such applicants should tend to report to the Resourcing Hub if they need any adjustment to enable them to attend the scheduled interview online. The Resourcing hub is entitled to the responsibility of providing Additional accessibility information to job seekers with a disability.

Open University Jobs, General Vacancies | Overview

Open University Jobs Ou Tutor Vacancies

Below is the list of job vacancies available within the university, job seeking applicants should indeed take their time in going through the list.

1. Staff Tutor, Advanced Clinical Practice

  • Permanent, Part-time 0.7 FTE (26 hours)
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS)
  • Salary: £42,149 to £50,296 | Location: Milton Keynes

2. Student Experience Manager- Apprenticeships

  • Fixed Term Contract until 31st October 2022, Full Time
  • Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)
  • Salary: £42,149 – £50,296 | Location: Home Based

3. Lecturer in Spanish

  • Permanent, Full time. Remote and flexible working is an option but must be able to attend Milton Keynes for work purposes.
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS)
  • Salary: £42,149 to £50,296

4. Fixed Term Contract for 3 years

  • Full Time Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer – CPD Development in Policing Home-based work is an option, with travel to the Milton Keynes campus as needed.
  • Business and Law Faculty (FBL)
  • Salary: Lecturer: £42,149 to £50,296; Senior: £53,348 to £60,022 | Milton Keynes

5. Fixed Term Contract

  • Full Time, or Part-Time Lecturer – IET (Maternity Cover)
  • Faculty of Health, Education, and Linguistics (WELS)
  • AC3 remuneration £42,149 to £50,296 | Milton Keynes

6. Communications Executive

  • Full-time, Fixed term to 31st July 2022
  • The Open University in Wales
  • Salary: £34,304 – £40,927 | Location: Cardiff

7. Artworker

  • Permanent, Full Time
  • Learner and Discovery Services
  • Salary: £27,924 to £33,309 | Location: Milton Keynes

8. Senior Manager, OpenSTEM Labs

  • Full-time, permanent
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)Salary:
  • Grade 8 (£42,149 – £50,296)
  • Location: Milton Keynes

9. Careers & Employability Consultant (Ireland) – Student Facing

  • Permanent, Part-time 22 hours per week
  • Academic Services Salary: £34,304 to £40,927
  • Location: Dublin

10. Strategic Communications Business Partner

  • Fixed Term Contract till 31st July 2023, Full Time post.
  • Currently working remotely due to Covid restrictions. Flexible working patterns may be considered in due course. Regular travel to MK may be required.
  • Salary: £41,129 – £50,296
  • Location: Milton Keynes

11. Estates Project Manager

  • Permanent, Full time
  • Estates Salary: £42,149 to £50,296
  • Location: Milton Keynes

12. Manager of Senior Strategy (Unit Business Planning)

  • Full-time, fixed-term contract until December 31, 2022 – Location is flexible, with some travel to Milton Keynes.
  • Office of Strategy
  • Salary: £42,148 to £50,296 | Milton Keynes

13. Audit Manager,

  • Full-Time, Permanent Flexible working hours and travel to Milton Keynes as needed can be discussed.
  • Salary: £53,348 – £60,022 | Milton Keynes, UK

14. Strategy Manager (Unit Business Planning)

  • Full Time, 1-year Fixed Term Contract – Flexible on location with occasional travel to Milton Keynes
  • Salary: £34,303 to £40,926 | Location: Milton Keynes

15. EDI Senior Internal Communications Manager

  • Permanent, full-time post
  • Salary: £42,149 to £50,296 | Location: Various locations

16. Senior Manager, Skills and Partnerships, The Open University in Ireland

  • Full-time 37 hours per week, 1 x Permanent
  • Salary: £42,149 – £50,296 | Location: Belfast

17. Strategic Resourcing Lead

  • Full-time, permanent
  • Salary: circa £55,000 to £65,000 | Location: Various locations

18. Organization Design Lead

  • Full-time, fixed-term contract until 31/07/2023
  • Salary: £68,748 to £82,464 | Location: Various locations

19. Manager, Student Voice

  • Permanent, Full-Time post, Flexible working considered
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students)Salary: £34,304 to £40,927 | Location: Milton keynes

20. Student Experience Academic Coordinator Manager

  • Fixed Term Contract for Two Years, Full Time. Flexible working can be discussed with regular travel to Milton Keynes
  • Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)Salary: £34,304 – £40,927 | Location: Milton Keynes

How to Apply for Open University Jobs | Golden Steps

Are you considering a career with the open University then we got you covered with step-by-step guide on how to proceed and indeed land you an employment in your dream job role in the university?

All applicants are advised to read and understand all instruction given before embarking on any action.

For guidelines on how to apply please visit Open.ac.uk

If you have more questions, please e-mail at  [email protected]

Open University Jobs: Staff Benefits

Honestly, Starting a career at an Open university could indeed be a worthwhile life experience due to the rewards and lifelong opportunities that comes with the open university jobs. You might undoubtedly count yourself lucky once you secure a job spot or role at the Open University.

The University doesn’t just stop at paying their staff competitive salaries but also tries to take action on feedbacks gotten from their workers through the staff survey, which is used to know how well and best the University could serve its staff better. The staff survey result from each University staff will serve as a guide towards providing a rewarding work-life experience.

Below is the list of benefits for Open University Jobs

(1) Self-Development

The Open University of truth invests heavily in its staff through providing developmental training in and beyond your current job role. The University also invests in building the leadership capacity of its staff through some annual rigorous Leadership workshop training.

The University is more intentional when it comes to the personal self-development of its staff that they tend to invest more time and money in their staff’s development provisions so as to develop their knowledge and skill which in turn will make the University maintain its position as a leading professional learning organization.

(3) Annual Leave

Support professionals are entitled to 30 days of annual leave in addition to all bank and other public holidays, while academic, academic-related, or research staff are entitled to 33 days of annual vacation.

The University usually closes for three additional days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Any unit variances will be communicated to applicants in the “Job relevant information” document during the interview and as business demands dictate in the future. Part-time employees have compensated pro-rata.

(4) Study leave

Academic staff on contracts of two or more years are entitled to be on study leave with full salary for research and other education-related purposes for two months in each leave year. Within each term of two years of completed service, regional academic personnel is entitled to two months of paid study leave.

(5) Equality

The Open University is welcoming, forward-thinking, and flexible. We advocate for social fairness and opportunity for all.

We recognize that everyone’s requirements and circumstances are unique and that these will undoubtedly affect and shape their experiences as an OU employees. We encourage our employees to notify us about their requirements so that we may better support them and ensure that our policies and procedures promote equality for all.

(6) Comfort

Life is a journey with numerous steps and obstacles, and the University recognizes this. We think that the employer’s job is to help employees on their journey, which is why The Open University created Wellbeing+. This is a dedicated resource to help University personnel deal with difficult situations, whether they are related to health, life, or work.

(7) Cycle to Work Scheme

The University participates in the government’s “Cycle to Work” program, which allows employees to purchase a brand-new bike and safety equipment for commuting purposes (tax-free). By taking advantage of the exceptional tax reductions granted by The Open University, Cycle scheme employees can save up to 40% on the cost of a new bike and accessories. Depending on the employee’s unique circumstances and tax rate, the amount of money saved will vary. It is accessible to the majority of personnel on the payroll, including those in the National and Regional Offices (but is not available to Students or Associate Lecturers or staff on temporary contracts shorter than 12 months).

(8) Healthcare

You can use your wages to pay for a health cash plan at the University. The coverage, which will pay out in cash, would cover routine healthcare operations such as dental and optical care.

Furthermore, the University has a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program that gives free and confidential guidance and assistance for life’s issues.

(9) The open University club

Cricket, sailing, badminton, and football are just a few of the related clubs offered by the Club, as are other interests like gardening, astronomy, and photography. Social events, such as theater visits, day outings, and weekend vacations, are also hosted by the Club. In addition, the Club provides a number of discounts from both local and national businesses.

Club structures vary by university national and regional locations and are explained in depth locally.

(10) Relocation expenses

All staff must be the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland citizens. Employees are also usually expected to live within a reasonable driving distance of their place of employment.

Subject to specific requirements and maximum payment, the University will award a grant to offset the expenses of necessary removals and disruptions. Any job offer will include all pertinent details. For appointments that are less than two years in length, the removal prize is not available.

We hope this article was indeed informative and helpful to guide you in your quest for open university jobs,feel free to comment below.

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