[Updated] Which is correct Pavillion or Pavilion?

Pavillion and Pavillon Which Is Correct ?

Pavillion and Pavillon are words that have similar spellings and pronunciations. The difference is that the one you choose is correct and the other is wrong.

The spelling of this word, Pavillion, may be incorrect. Below are suggested words that we believe to be the correct spellings of what you were looking for.

When I hear “Pavilion,” the first thing I think of is a laptop. I also think about a tent or building.

Which is correct Pavillion or pavilion

Meaning of Pavillion

Research has shown that this word can be spelled “Pavilion,” which is an alternative spelling to “Pavilion.” It is a shelter, building, flag, or banner. This word differs from the ideal word in that there is no extra “l” after the “i.”

Examples of Pavillion :

  • The event was attended by a fantastic pavillion. (incorrect)
  • Hp Pavillion 5 is the laptop that I want to use for graphic design. (incorrect)
  • The curtain that I will use to cover the new pavillion must be a mixture of red and blue. (incorrect)

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Meaning of Pavilion:

The same meaning of the pavilion as the one above is that it is an ornate tent that is used as a bearing. It is the auricle (the cartilaginous portion of the outer ears) in the medical field. It is a verb that means “a covering or enclosure.”

Some synonyms are kiosk, casino, and summerhouse. The antonyms are windows, leaves and others.

Examples of Pavilion :

  • The new HP pavilion is yours.
  • If you arrive at the pavilion, please do not hesitate to call me.
  • I will be bringing a pavilion with smooth basement to our next camping.

Correct spellings for PAVILLION

  • Pavilion located in the middle the reservoir provides a nice seat and gives you a great view of the immediate surroundings.
  • The plan called for the king to act as groom. Charles mounted his horse and Mistress Lane rode behind him on a pilon. They then rode together through Warwickshire and Bristol.

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