[Fresh List] Outstanding Free High School Diploma Online at No Cost for Adults in 2022

High school is a time when students are supposed to grow and mature, but sometimes the traditional classroom setting doesn’t work for everyone. That’s where free high school diplomas online with no cost for adult come in. A free high school diploma can be earned online or through independent study, and it’s a great way to get a high school education without having to pay for it.

There are many benefits to earning a free high school diploma. For one, it’s a great way to save money on tuition. Additionally, it can allow students to work at their own pace and in their own time.

An alternative method to obtaining a high school diploma or attending an online high school is. It is better to obtain a free high school diploma online by 2022.

The tuition fees for most high schools are quite high, which means that many people seek cheaper options to get their high school diploma online. We will be listing schools offering a high school diploma for free online in 2022.

While not all of them are free, they are still affordable enough to be accessible to the average adult learner. We’re done with all the chatter.

Outstanding Free High School Diplomas Online With No Cost for Adult

Free High School Diploma Online at No Cost for Adults

1. Stanford Online High School

Standford Online High School is one of the best online schools for getting your diploma. Standford OHS was established in 2006 and is located at Stanford University. They offer 155 courses to prospective students and want to create a diverse group of motivated students from all over the globe.

They offer scholarships for adults who wish to earn their high school diplomas online. However, the tuition fees for full-time students range from $26,750 to $45,940. Some things such as event attendance, yearbooks, and course materials will be covered by the student.

Because you want to study for free, you will apply for their financial assistance program if you are eligible. This will only pay your tuition fees.

If you cannot get a scholarship and are experiencing financial hardship, you can contact school management to request a fee waiver.

To be admitted to this school, you must pass the test that will evaluate your academic abilities, personal qualities, and experience.

2. The Keystone School

Bloomsburg, PA, is home to the Keystone School. Students with 12+ transfer credits can choose from Standard or Accelerated Pathway courses. Students can expect to finish each course in eight weeks or less.

Standard Pathway tuition costs $399 per course, while Accelerated Pathway tuition costs $1,485. You can choose to pay in one, three, nine, nine, or twelve-month installments.

3. University of Nebraska High School

Are you interested in a University of Nebraska High School diploma? It’s a great idea. However, you will need to meet the requirements to be eligible for admission.

UNHS is an excellent school for obtaining your high school diploma online. It is accredited by Cognia as well as the Nebraska Department of Education. They offer more than 100 courses and are open to international students.

You can sign up at any time and complete your course(s) in less than 52 weeks. They have been providing distance education services to students since 1929.

4. Excel High School

Based in Plymouth, MN, Excel High School offers an online high school diploma at no cost to adults. Advanced has accredited the school. Their standard diploma credits load is 21.5, and their full-time enrollment is approximately 4-6 courses per semester.

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These courses take 12 weeks to complete. There is a $99 monthly tuition fee, and they offer diploma courses in Language and Social Science, Fine Arts, and World Languages.

5. Indiana University High School

Indiana University High School, located in Bloomington, IN, offers a high school diploma. They offer College Prep and Standard Diploma Pathways, and they have an Advanced license.

Students must earn at least ten credits. You can choose from Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health Education, and Directed Electives. Tuition is $252 per course.

6. Penn Foster

Penn Foster is accredited and licensed by Arizona Sara Council and Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.

Penn Foster can help you save time and money while covering subjects such as English and Maths. You also have the option to take 5 elective courses or career preparation classes. Penn Foster makes it affordable for you to get your high school diploma.

7. University of Mississippi High School

University of Mississippi High School offers free online high school diplomas for adults. It is located at the University of Mississippi. 

The minimum requirement for students is 6.25 credits. There are courses in English Language, Arts, and Mathematics, Science, Business and Technology, as well as Health and Physical Education and Foreign Languages.

The school tuition fee for a course is $375. 1/2-unit courses are $250, and 1 unit of AP courses is $425. 1/2-unit AP courses cost $300.

8. Smart Horizons Career Online High School

Smart Horizons Career Online Education is an integral component of high school. Each student will have the chance to be mentored and supported by an academic coach. Along with a high school diploma, students will receive a career certificate. This certificate allows you to choose between office administrator, childcare and educationalist, national security officer, and certified protection officer.

Program credit is approximately 18 credits. It costs $1,295 and can be paid in $77 monthly installments. Transfer credits can be accepted for up 14 courses.

9. Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School has over 30 years of experience and a curriculum that is based on students’ talents, passions, and interests.

They have a track record of success, are flexible in class schedules, and offer a comprehensive curriculum.

10. Alabama Virtual Academy

Are you looking for an online high school diploma for adults in 2022 that is free? Alabama Virtual Academy is an institution that does not require tuition and has been accredited by CITA. They provide high-quality education with an individual approach that helps students realize their potential.

ALVA-ECS, a the Eufaula City Board of Education program, accepts enrollment every year. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, although it’s easy to see the benefits of a free high school diploma, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered. For example, some employers may view a free high school diploma at no cost for adults as less valuable than a paid one, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision.

Additionally, a free high school diploma may not include all the courses you need to prepare for college or your chosen career, so you’ll need to make sure you’re taking the right classes. Ultimately, whether or not a free high school diploma is right for you depends on your individual situation and needs.

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