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Freelancing Websites | For Students, Writers and Lots More

Freelance websites for writers, are indeed numerous online platforms for writers who possess good prowess when it comes to writing. This freelance websites for writers flaunt online writing jobs for freelance writers.

Freelance writers who are looking for potential writing jobs or clients and are actually skillful in the aspect of content creation e.g., writing of articles, essays etc. should indeed take advantage of these online platforms.

Freelance websites for writers of a truth have indeed connected more freelance writers to potential writing jobs from clients in different Countries making it possible for writers to earn a living working part-time or full-time.

Freelancing has indeed done more good than harm to the world at large considering its ability to connect freelancers to potential clients thereby solving the problem of location barrier, it also provides freelancers the opportunity of having thousands of online jobs at their fingertips and also earning in thousands of Dollars($).

Freelance writing is a new profession in which a person uses his or her writing skills and experience to provide services to a number of clients. Rather than being employed by an organization, Freelance writers are mostly hired on contract by a different company.

One of the great advantages of a freelance writer is that he/she could accept or take more jobs with respect to how far and well he/she could deliver on jobs.

Freelance websites for writers provide skilled and experienced freelance writers with writing gigs or jobs which are done remotely i.e., working from home, and sending the finished job via the internet platform.

Freelance writing jobs are mostly called writing gigs due to the fact that freelance writing jobs are done from home whereby a writer is not answerable to any employer or organization we can as well tag freelance writers has been self-employed rendering their services to series of clients or companies.

Outstanding Sites for Freelancers | Writers and Student Inclusive

Outstanding Freelancing Websites
  1. Upwork
  2. Contena
  3.  Flexjobs
  4. Textbroker
  5. Contently
  6. ProBlogger
  7. MediaBistro
  8.  Freelancer.com
  9.  Constant content
  10.  Guru.com

(1) Upwork

The Upwork website houses one of the largest freelance communities with record of over 12 million freelancers from different continent of the world also having a client base of over 5 million resulting to 4 million freelance job listings every year.

The Upwork website came as a result of the joint venture between odesk and Elance freelance websites, the two freelance websites were the largest as at then.

The Upwork websites flaunts series of online freelancing writing jobs from article writing to CV writing, jobs on copywriting and also technical documentation.

The websites have short-term, long-term, hourly, and project-based freelance writing contracts available.

Upwork charges 20% for the very first $500 you make as a freelancer on the platform, the platform also charges freelancers $0.90 for submitting proposal for any gig they were not contacted for.

If you’re a new comer on this online platform, building a portfolio and reputation on the platform will be more difficult. New freelance writers are advised to simply attach their existing portfolio items to their Upwork profile to get gigs and reviews.

(2) Contena

Contena It’s one of my top picks for freelance websites for writers, this online platform offers a “writing job finder” that compiles the greatest freelance writing jobs from all around the internet.

Through this “writing job finder” you could search and browse through writing gigs or jobs to identify greatest chances, whether it’s a full-time eBook writing job paying $8,000 per month or a one-time blog article in an insurance sector.

However, Contena also sends daily Alerts or emails to freelancers registered on its platform saving them more time by only showing them opportunities that suit their requirements, such as pay and niche.

(3) Flexjobs

FlexJobs of a truth is an online job platform that caters for both freelancers and those seeking part-time work.

It’s actually a great freelance website for writers due to the fact that the web platform checks the validity of All jobs before posting on its platform, so there are no scams or low-paying gigs found on this freelance websites for writers.

The website is actually ideal for more experienced freelance writers because they won’t have to waste time sorting through garbage, in their search for good high paying gigs.

However, if you’re a beginner getting started and need to create a portfolio, you’ll have a difficult time locating work that will help you do so on this platform.

With their unique job search, FlexJobs also makes it simple to find the ideal employment for freelancers, this indeed allows you to choose the type of freelance job you want to do, as well as your preferred work schedule, experience level, and other factors.

As a freelancer on this platform, you must sign up for a monthly subscription or a year-long membership to gain access to the site’s freelance writing opportunities. The monthly fee is $14.95, or $49.95 for the entire year.

(4) Textbroker

This is a freelance writing platform that functions similarly as a big agency. The websites actually screens freelance writers for quality before providing them access to the hundreds of product descriptions, press releases, web copy, blogs, and other writing assignments that their customers submit, the websites actually delivers over 100,000 content orders a month.

Opening an account as a freelance writer on textbroker is free though the online platform gives more preferences or rating to writers who have a verified US citizenship.

To be a fully fledged freelance writer on textbroker you are required to drop a sample write-up so as to ascertain your proficiency in writing.

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This freelance websites for writers actually provide writers the opportunity to apply for any writing job listing on the platform also an advantage of having an official portfolio depicting or showing your past works, prior experience.

The website pays freelance writers when compared to other freelance websites for writers.

(5) Contently

Contently is a great online writing platform for freelance writers making it easy and affordable for freelance writers to be able to land high paying writing gigs or jobs from different client.

Contently goes further in screening it’s freelancers so as to determine how skillful they are in the aspect of freelance writing, which in-turn leads to connecting the right freelancers to the right writing gig or jobs.

Freelance writers who really want to maximize this great online platform should spend quality time in building a good portfolio indicating their prior experience in the freelance writing industry well shown and documented.

(6) ProBlogger

Problogger as the name depicts is an online freelance writing platform which focus majorly on writing blogging related articles.

This freelance writing platform is one of the simplest and easy to use online freelance writing platform, the platform has no ‘sign up’ options for new users. To further emphasize on its simplicity Problogger maintains equality on its platform placing every freelancer both old and new on the same benchmark.

Every freelance writer on Probloger could jump or apply for any job opportunity or freelance writing job of their choice once they are interested.

One big disadvantage of Problogger is that it’s flaunts few freelance writing gigs on its platform daily, sometimes 3 to 6 jobs daily.

Problogger of a truth is a popular freelance website for writers and it’s less competitive, freelance writers should maximize this platform to the very best.

(7) MediaBistro

This web platform or freelance writing job agency provides high paying freelance writing gigs to proficient freelance writers who indeed wish to work in the media industry.

Mediabistro link’s or connect skilled freelance writers to high paying freelance jobs from top players in the media sector, such as the digital media websites, Television Stations, Newspaper companies.

This platform also encourages the self-development of every freelancer registered as members on it’s platform by supporting or providing them with online courses to sharpen their writing skills, the platform also provides registered freelancers on its platform a well drafted coaching on how to build a top-notch portfolio showcasing their experience level and also a guide on how to build a great freelance writing career on linkedIn.

The disadvantage of this freelance websites for writers is that it contains low freelance writing jobs or gigs when compared to other freelance websites, this is because it is specifically focused on the media industry.

(8) Freelancer.com

In Freelancer.com you will build a profile, apply for jobs, be employed, and paid through their platform.

Thousands of tasks, including online writing gigs are available at any one moment, both on an hourly base and a set project rate basis.

On this platform Clients publish their job needs, freelancers then create the needed material, and the client chooses and pays for the best, while the freelancer chooses and creates the content to meet the client’s demand.

This means you may continue building your portfolio while also having a chance to be paid – even if you don’t have a lot of expertise. It’s ideal for aspiring authors who wish to break into the creative industry.

The drawbacks are the fees, beyond your initial eight bids per month, you’ll have to pay to apply for jobs.

In addition, you’ll be required to pay 10% of all hours and project fees billed through them.

(9) Constant content

Constant Content is a content development company that assists organizations in locating freelance writers. To show off your experience and skills, you’ll need to create a profile, take a quiz, and submit a 250-250 word writing sample. Through Constant Content, the company has assisted over 50,000 companies in finding content writers.

Constant Content is a good place to begin, but you can’t communicate with clients outside of their platform. This means that as an illustrator/digital artist, you won’t be able to establish a reputation or establish a relationship with clients just based on your CV and skillset.

(10) Guru.com

Guru.com is another well-known freelance employment board. Just like Upwork and Freelancer, you build a profile, apply for jobs, get hired, and get paid through the site. One of their standout features is their “Guru Work Rooms,” which let you keep track of conversations across all of your projects.

Guru is one of the greatest freelancing platforms for finding clients, and they have the lowest costs on money paid through them (10 per month), but you’re paying for the pleasure of using their platform to acquire clients. When compared to the other two networks, it also provides the fewest freelance writing opportunities.

Should Freelance Writers Have Website?

Prolific freelance writer should consider having or owning a website so as to build a strong online presence, this to some great extent will aid every freelancer in gaining more leads on quality writing jobs.

In recent times the innovation and growth of Technology has indeed benefited well informed freelance writers who maximize every great tool from the Tech industry.

Tech has indeed impacted positively in the writing industry, resulting in 70% of freelance writers finding job online.

Freelance writers who indeed are decisive about raising the bar or scaling up their lucrative writing business should consider having a website, which best depicts their prior experience or level of experience, also your website must connote how skillful you are with your writing skills.

How do Freelance Writers Create Websites?

The below highlighted steps should guide you on how to create a website for your writing business to assist you in landing high paying gigs or jobs. Goodluck!

  • Branding
  • Get a CMS
  • Get a Hosting plan and set-up your domain name
  • Design your websites using the themes made available by WordPress and also put in what content you think is necessary for your website
  • Launch

(1) Branding

This step involves you naming your brand i.e., giving your website a name, this name should be carefully picked.

The below key point should Guide you in Branding your freelance writing business, please ensure you take your time in reviewing this list

(a)Brand your business with a brand name that could be easily remembered by both you and your customers or clients.

(b)Your brand name should easily connote your specific niche, this indeed will increase your chances of generating more writing gigs.

(2) Get a CMS

CMS (content management system): This indeed helps freelance writers to get their content well-structured and published on the web.

The content management system provides freelance writers an already made website with necessary features, thereby providing writers an easy-to-use Freelance website for writers without any prior knowledge of programming.

To better clarify the subject WordPress proofs to be a good content management system base on how well it’s structure’s and manages web content of writers using its platform.

(3) Get a Hosting plan and set-up your domain name

To get a Hosting plan you need a good host to help host your website on the web Server, this indeed will make your websites accessible online.

A good host could help increase how fast your website loads, thereby making it easier and faster for users to easily access your websites.

Below are the list of top hosting site, please do well to visit

(b)Setting up a domain Name

this involves you setting up a web address or URL, through which your users will use in navigating to your websites.

Your Domain name should contain your brand name, if possible, for better visibility and to help search engines crawl your websites better.

It is also advisable for your Domain name to have extensions like .net,.com in other to help improve your search engine rankings.

(4) Design your websites

You can do that using the themes made available by WordPress and also put in what content you think is necessary for your website

(5) Launch:

After following each of the above steps, you could move on to the next stage of launching. Goodluck!!

for more information visit Hostgator

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