12 Outstanding New Sial Airline Jobs in Karachi that are Profitable

Sial Airline Jobs in Karachi | Overview

Sial airline jobs in Karachi, shows the potential of employing or accommodating well talented, skillful, and unskillful persons who possess core good characters, leadership drive, innovative mindset, good communication skills, Hard working.

Sial airline jobs in karachi are also for self-motivated individuals who are quite efficient in their chosen field, also of good records who could help in taking Sial airline to greater height. The airline company is offering opportunities to individuals who really want to invest their time in something productive and interesting, persons who really want to explore what it feels like working under a professional management system.

Sial airline job offers an exceptional learning environment and creative culture that brings out the best in you and makes you be the best version of yourselves airline is inviting applications from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities in Pakistan, you can as well apply as a foreigner who resides in Pakistan.

Surprisingly sial airline job also has a way of accommodating unqualified candidate who possess good communication skills through job vacancies like cabin crew, airhostess, captain. A college student could also maximise the opportunity of the Sial airline through internship.

About Airsial airline company

New Sial Airline Jobs in Karachi

Sial airline is a great airline company in the heart of Pakistan which aims at bringing real value to the market and eventually become a game changer in the industry and was first conceived by the members Sialkot chamber of commerce and industry in August,2015.

Airsial airline company started operation in December 2020.The sial in its name represent Pakistan city Sialkot. Its is owned privately, sial airline being one of the country top privately owned airline company is really a point of pride for the proprietor more especially having the full support of the Pakistan government.

The Sial airline is currently offering domestic services between major cities possible having the potential of extending their services to major countries in the middle east.

To be honest sial airline possess a promising future of great exploit considering the number of few elite airlines in the country which gives the airline company a good opportunity to serve customers better. Airsial commenced operation with the use of Airbus A320 aircraft for conveying passengers from it hub which is Jinnah international airport to respective international airport within Pakistan.

The main purpose of Airsial was to improve the air travel experience to and from Sialkot which is an industrial city located in Punjab. The airline focus city are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta though they plan to expand their destination in the nearest future.

Brief detail of Sial airline

Website: www.airsial.com

Contact number: 021-111-247-742

Postal address: Kashmir road,Sialkot-51310

Airsial job requirement

To be gainfully employed in Airsial, applicant must at least meet the basic requirement for selection.

  • One of the first and core requirement for prospective Pakistan resident who wish work with Airsial is that he/she must have a good health and physical condition i.e He/she must not have any chronic disease, applicant must be healthy.
  • Another basic requirement is that applicant’s age must be a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 50 years of age, this basic requirement cut across from the high rank workers to the low-ranking workers.
  • Sial airline jobs in Karachi considers applicants with formal education for jobs in the Aviation sector, the airline company tend to select candidate who show more prospects of being beneficial to them, which is the more reason the go for applicant who possess high academic qualifications or excellent records.
  • It is also advisable for applicant to include their years of prior experience, this could help to better thier chances of securing a high profile job in the airline.
  • The airline tends to employ applicants with intermediate degree for low profile jobs, but prefer applicants with Bachelor’s degree for technical jobs. Engineering graduate could also apply too.
  • How competitive a job role is in Airsial airline is strictly base on how complex the job post is. Some job roles are meant for female applicant alone.

How to apply for Airsial careers

Applying for Airsial jobs is quite easy considering the fact that its job application is done online, this makes it easy for applicants to apply for Airsial job opening from the comfort of their homes.

Sincerely Airsial careers are one of the best options you could choose in the aviation sector if you reside in Pakistan or wish to live in Pakistan, Airsial jobs will indeed give you a good and stable career throughout your lifetime pending when you choose to retire from the job.

The airline firm tend to post job openings in its websites, so intending applicants actually have no worries in being updated with job openings in the airline because all of it notable vacancies are been advertise on their online platform which is their website. However, interested applicants should make it as a point of duty in visiting their website often.

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Those who benefit from Airsial careers are majorly those who possess good qualities base on their numerous achievements documented on their CV or Resume which was submitted.

After the selection process candidate are invited for face-to-face interview in other to assess their skill and knowledge for the job, this result to the airline choosing the candidate with the best impression.

To apply with ease, follow the steps below:

  1.  Visit airsial.com
  2.  Go to join us
  3. Tap on the job you want
  4. Create an account on their website
  5. Provide the information requested in the form.

If really you followed the steps highlighted above and also meeting the requirement you should be hopeful of a good reply soon.

Sial Airline jobs Karachi available positions

  • Operations Control
  •  Flight Dispatch
  •  Manager Planning
  • Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground Staff
  • Flight Services
  • First Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Flight surgeon

Salary and benefit of Sial Airline jobs in karachi

When you work for a private airline, you may expect to get paid well. It’s the same situation here. AirSial jobs pay well and encourage staff to keep working at the airline firm. Keeping their employees happy builds loyalty and encourages them to work hard.

Technicians earn between 30k and 50k PKR per month on average. For the same position, a Senior specialist can make up to 700,000 PKR each year. The salary for an aviation engineer ranges from 100 to 250 thousand Pakistani rupees per month. Other engineering occupations pay around the same amount. Interns who join the program are paid while studying their trade.

Every position here at Airsial has some of the best benefits available. The first is the health advantages. It involves medical checkup and insurance coverage. Following that, there are paid vacations and holidays. Employees and their families are given complimentary tickets by the organization. With the training that the airline provides to its new hires, you get to know your job. Providing you with a workplace where there are no hierarchical differences.

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