How to connect/pair AirPods to HP Laptop 2022

It’s easy to pair your AirPods and a MacBook, but it can be a bit more difficult to pair them with a Windows PC, such as an HP laptop or desktop. It’s not your fault. Apple created AirPods that work seamlessly on all modern devices.

AirPods are Bluetooth enabled, so they can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled gadget. AirPods can work with Windows desktops or laptops that support Bluetooth, but only if they are Bluetooth-enabled. AirPods are compatible with all modern HP laptops that support Bluetooth. 

Is it possible to connect AirPods to an HP Laptop? 

Yes. AirPods will connect to any HP laptop with Bluetooth. AirPods were designed for Apple Devices but can also be used as wireless headphones for other brands’ laptops. AirPods won’t work or connect to an HP laptop if the laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth. If your HP laptop supports Bluetooth, you can expect it to connect with any AirPods device.

How to connect the Airpods to your HP Laptop

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Select Devices
  • Turn on Bluetooth when you are using Bluetooth with other devices
  • Click on To Add Bluetooth or Other Device
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • To activate your Case, hold down the button at the back and wait for a blinking white light to appear. This is the indication that it’s in pairing mode.
  • Choose the Airpods option from the list.
  • You can test the audio connection by playing something.

My HP Laptop Does Not Support Bluetooth – Alternatives

Your HP laptop does not support Bluetooth, but there are alternatives. You can also use an external Bluetooth device which will work well with your HP laptop.

The external Bluetooth is a small USB device that can be attached to the side of your HP laptop. External devices are not something you should be worried about as you won’t notice any differences with your HP laptop. 

How to Unpair AirPods – Step By Step Guide

If you still have trouble when you want to connect your AirPods with an HP laptop, a PC, or any other Windows 10 computer, you may want to unpair your iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets. The number of connections your AirPods make with multiple devices could have caused them to become overwhelmed. AirPods could stop pairing when they are connected with too many devices.

Follow These Steps……

  • Open the Options application.
  • Toggle Bluetooth.
  • Tap the “I” icon next to your AirPods in the Devices section.
  • Choose Forget This Device.
  • To confirm, tap Forget Your Device on the pop-up message.

Originally posted 2022-06-17 22:06:29.

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