Four Ways To Spot Fake calculator apps on Android and iOS

Fake calculator apps can pose a risk to your phone and cause more damage than good. This is a way to steal your personal information and cause damage to your phone. It is important to know that the calculator app contains sensitive and confidential information. You need to be extremely careful about which calculator app you install for any data to be hidden.

There are many calculator apps available with tons of features. Apps aren’t always as they appear.

Private photo calculator, for example, is not your average calculator app. It is a calculator, but its real value is hiding secret photos.

You can unlock a secret section of the app by entering a passcode in the calculator for Private Calculator %. This allows you to take and store photos. These photos are saved to your phone and cannot be accessed by iCloud or the iPhone Photos app.

How To Spot Fake calculator apps

I am not trying to tell you whether or not you should spy on your spouse, children, or any other significant other. However, you are welcome to share that information in the Comments section. There may be a good reason to check your loved one’s smartphone for suspicious behavior. Don’t judge.

You should be aware of apps like Private Photo Calculator% that claim to be different. You can be fairly certain that the owner of the phone is hiding something if you see the Private Photo Calculator icon on the phone.

How to Identify Fake Calculator Apps

1. Inconsistent User Interface

A legitimate calculator app maintains a clean and familiar interface. Fake apps may be inconsistent in design, such as misaligned buttons or unusual color schemes.

2. Too Much Permissions Requests

Be wary if a calculator app demands unnecessary permissions like access to your contacts, camera, or location. Real calculator apps require only basic permissions related to their functionality.

3. Unexpected Ads and Pop-ups

Real calculator apps rarely display ads, especially not aggressive pop-ups. If you encounter a barrage of ads while using the app, it’s likely a fake.

4. Poor Reviews and Ratings

Before downloading any app, check its reviews and ratings on the app store. Fake calculator apps often have low ratings and negative user feedback.

5. Unusual App Behavior

If the calculator app behaves abnormally, such as crashing frequently or consuming excessive battery, it could be a sign of a malicious app.

6. Comparing App Features

Compare the features of the app with other well-known calculator apps. If the app offers significantly more features than usual, it could be suspicious.

7. User Interface and Functionality

Authentic apps have a polished user interface and smooth functionality. Poor design and glitches can indicate a fake app.

8. Battery and Resource Consumption

Fake apps often consume more battery and resources than they should. Monitor your device’s performance after installing a new app.

9. Scanning for Malware

Use reputable antivirus apps to scan downloaded apps for malware. If the app is flagged, it’s better to uninstall it immediately.

10. Using Mobile Security Apps

Install reputable mobile security apps that can help detect and prevent the installation of fake apps.

How To Spot Fake Calculator App on iPhone

They are difficult to spot because the app icons are identical to the real iPhone calculator. When they’re open, they act as a calculation, you will be prompted to enter a code to reveal a photo vault. Images taken within the app are saved there and are not visible in the iPhone photo roll.

How does the fake calculator app actually work ?

Fake calculator apps are used to hide documents or photos you don’t want other person to see, they act more like an app locker. Though most of these fake calculator apps can be used to carry mathematical operations.

[Advanced] How to Hack Fake Calculator App

Recently, I found out that many people are searching for hacks and cracked fake calculator apps. This can be quite amazing, but it is not impossible.

You can’t hack the calculator app; that’s the truth. For example, if you feel your partner is cheating on you and you want to gain access by hacking, well sorry to say its not possible. Just uninstall the app and everything wipes.

Resetting Fake Calculator Password Hide App Password

This method works on iPhone, Android, iOS, etc. In fact, any phone can do this, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. You will need a password-free phone to access the calculator vault app.
  2. Enter 11223344, and hit the equal key.
  3. It will instantly open; that’s it. Enter the exact number.


Q1: Can fake calculator apps steal my personal information?

A: Yes, fake apps might access your personal data. Stick to trusted sources to minimize this risk.

Q2: Are there legitimate calculator apps that display ads?

A: Some legitimate apps might display non-intrusive ads, but excessive ads are a warning sign of a potentially fake app.

Q3: What if I’ve already downloaded a fake calculator app?

A: Uninstall the app immediately and run a mobile security scan to check for any associated threats.

Q4: How can I differentiate between ads in legitimate apps and fake apps?

A: Legitimate apps usually display ads in a subtle manner, while fake apps often use intrusive pop-ups.

Q5: Can fake calculator apps harm my device?

A: Yes, fake apps can introduce malware or compromise your device’s performance. Always be cautious when downloading apps.


Mostly people tend to hide their secrets stuffs in calculators. Relationships are under attack because of these fake calculator apps, we don’t advice you to spy on your spouse phone. But if the need be, you can take permission before you do it.

Originally posted 2023-08-12 01:35:00.

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