How to Make Airpods Louder on Iphone and Android | Step by Step Guide

Making Apple Airpods Loud | Overview

There could be a few reasons your Apple AirPods volume is too low. Most potential issues are easy to fix. In fact, the volume may not be the problem. These are the steps to increase the volume of your AirPods and make everything sound like it should. How can I increase the volume of my AirPods’?

Double-tap the earbuds to wake Siri if you have the first-generation AirPods. Then ask Siri to adjust your volume. If you have the second generation AirPods (including the AirPods Pro), you can double-tap either earbud to wake Siri. Then, ask Siri for volume adjustment.

How to Make Airpods Louder on Iphone

1. Adjust iPhone EQ

Turn it on by going to Settings > Music > Equalizer. Then, you’ll be able to see all the settings that can be used. The Late Night setting is what you need. It amplifies quieter sounds and makes the music louder. This is the best way to increase your music’s volume.

2. Use a custom audio setup.

To turn off Music EQ, go to Settings > Music >EQ and then tap Off. Next, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and adjust the Balance slider. Adjust the balance slider to center the audio volume.

3. AirPods Pro has an ear tip test.

After everything has been cleaned, you can test if the AirPods Pro fits well in your ears. Apple offers a handy fit test that can help you determine if your music is muffled. This way, the AirPods won’t need to be louder to make the sound better.

A good match could make the difference between your AirPods being too loud and perfectly quiet, regardless of where you set the volume.

Is there a volume limit for iOS 14 ?

You can set the maximum volume of your headphones for music or videos. Go to Settings. Tap Sounds & Haptics for supported models or Sounds for other iPhone models. Tap Reduce Loud Sounds to turn on Loud Sounds. Drag the slider to adjust the decibel level of headphone audio.

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Use your iPhone to calibrate the Apple AirPods.

If necessary, you can reset your AirPods. This may resolve any oddities in the device’s operation. You can calibrate your AirPods with your iPhone if the volume remains too low after cleaning them. It involves a factory reset. This may sound difficult, but it is not too difficult.

  1. Open the lid with the earbuds still in the charging case.
  2. Keep your earbuds safe in the case. Open the Bluetooth settings page of your iPhone.
  3. Click the ” I” small icon next to “AirPods.”
  4. Click “Forget This Device” and then “Confirm.”
  5. The headset will automatically disconnect your phone. Now you can reset your AirPods.
  6. Once the charging case lid is open, press the setup button and hold it for approximately 15 seconds or until the LED blinks amber.
  7. This will reset your AirPods. You can then re-sync your device with it.

Android Users are not left out, Follow These Steps

  1. Enable Bluetooth on Android via SettingsConnects > Bluetooth.
  2. Take the AirPods out of the case and open the lid.
  3. Hold the button at the back of your case until it flashes white.
  4. You should see the AirPods in the list of devices. Choose it.

Why is one Airpod louder than the iOS 14 ?

You may need to verify your settings. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Under “Hearing,” review and adjust, if necessary, the audio volume balance slider between left and right channels.

Why is my iPhone not able to store enough volume?

Navigate to Settings. Tap Sounds & Haptics for supported models or Sounds for other iPhone models, then tap Headphone Safety. To adjust the decibel level of headphone audio, turn on Reduce Loud Sound and drag the slider.

IOS 14 live listening: What does it mean?

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can be used as a microphone to send sound to your AirPods Pro or Max, Powerbeats Pro, or AirPods Pro. Live Listen allows you to hear conversations in noisy areas or hear people speaking across the room.

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