Updated: 9 Best Paying Jobs in Energy and Average Salaries 2022

The energy field has greatly contributed to the development and modernization of the world. Converting fuels, sunlight, and wind into electricity is an incredible feat in human history. The energy field has provided many jobs and is nearly as large as the medical field. An accredited university can offer a degree in energy and help you design gadgets and tools that will benefit the environment.

Individuals can also contribute to the cleanliness of the planet and make it more habitable for animals and humans. Renewable energy engineers are the main drivers of clean earth. They design instruments that convert sunlight and wind into energy without causing harm to them.

There aren’t many energy professionals, and they are highly in demand. Renewable energy engineering is a top business idea and is poised to explode into a trillion-dollar industry. This information may be useful to you and encourage you to consider a career in energy.

9 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Site Assessment Personnel

Average salary : $50,000

A site assessment is required at the beginning of any solar energy project to determine whether enough energy can be produced or if the area is adequate for the long-term goals. The site assessor is required.

Every solar-related project is successful because of the involvement of site assessors. The importance of the job opportunity can be compared to that of a home inspection you hire before purchasing a property.

Petroleum Engineer

Average salary: $167,000

The highest-paid job in energy is petroleum engineering. This makes it a highly sought-after field. This group of engineers helps the oil and natural gas industry to locate and harness petroleum resources. They also design, build, and construct more efficient ways to extract, refine, or find new repositories.

To be in this field, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. You can also choose to work on-site or in an office to manage the extraction and refinement.

Solar Power Plants Constructor

Average salary: $43,000

Are you aware of the various solar power plants being built in your area? You may also have noticed the large number of people involved in putting up the building. Do you want to do a similar job in the same field?

Solar power plant builders (or construction workers) are skilled in a variety of tasks such as metalworking and concrete pouring. They also erect scaffolding. You will find similar tasks at a solar power plant to any job that you would do on a regular site of construction, no matter if it’s a commercial building or a bridge.

Manager/Architecture Engineer

Average salary: $145,000

One of the most lucrative jobs in energy is that of an architectural engineer or manager. These professionals are responsible for designing and building energy-efficient buildings, which use less energy and require fewer resources. This reduces waste.

They are responsible for making detailed plans, conducting research, and ensuring technical accuracy. All of these activities contribute to reducing energy consumption. This career path can be made possible by a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering.

Solar Energy Software Developer

Average salary : $73,000

Software is essential for the future development and maintenance of solar energy. Software is essential for every piece of equipment, every installation of solar energy, and every project.

Solar energy, unlike its predecessors, is dependent on both hardware as well as software. Even if you don’t have the skills to code, your programming skills can make you an important player in this industry.

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Nuclear Technician

Average Salary: $83,000

One of the most lucrative jobs is that of a nuclear technician. They are skilled in using special equipment to produce energy and monitor radiation levels to ensure a safe environment. Digitalization has made the world digital. Nearly all electronic devices emit radiation that is harmful to the environment and human health.

Nuclear technicians monitor the radiation rates of these devices and ensure that the effects are as low as possible. They are required to design and make certain equipment for the energy sector.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Average salary : $43,000

Are you a person who likes to work outdoors and with your hands? Are you also interested in being self-employed? Solar photovoltaic technicians are essential to the process of maintaining and installing panels.

This is a skilled job that requires a lot of responsibility. The job involves attaching panels to roofs safely and troubleshooting malfunctioning panels or damaged systems. This job is usually completed by contractors or self-employed people. This job is ideal for those who love to use tools and are able to work independently.

Sales Representative

Average salary : $54,000

Don’t let the title of your job fool you. The job of a solar energy sales representative can be very technical and complicated, but it pays well. You don’t have to believe so. These are some of the daily tasks for this position:

  1. Sell products, systems, and services.
  2. To determine the right equipment, assess the site conditions
  3. Customers can showcase their functions using solar equipment
  4. Talk to customers, vendors, and installers about solar products and services.
  5. Make personalized energy management plans.

You are not selling perfume, folding clothes, or telling customers to turn off their computers. This is a complex job that requires intelligent people. Aren’t smart people smart? We believe you are. This job is competitive in wages, and you will be well compensated.

Solar Energy Technician

Average salary : $72,000

Technicians are required to be skilled in all aspects of technology, including plumbing, air conditioners, high-speed modems, and dishwashers. Why not use your knowledge and skills in solar energy technology?

A solar energy technician is responsible for installing, repairing, maintaining, and performing service calls for all types of solar panels, including solar power plants. The industry is rapidly developing, and there aren’t enough people to fill the positions, so the job pays much more than the average technician job.


There are many jobs available, whether you want to work in the sun installing solar panels or behind a desk helping to develop solar energy.

The industry is still in its growth phase, so there’s a huge demand for people to fill vacant positions. This is an excellent opportunity to be on the second or third level before the solar elevator climbs up to the top. You might be ready to make a career change and add some sunshine to your resume.

Are there any other high-paying jobs in solar energy? Please comment below to let us know!

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