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Two factor authentication is an additional form of security that can be deployed to your Epic Games account. When you enable this feature, you’ll be asked to enter a code that is sent to your email or phone number every time you try to sign in.

This code is known as a “one-time password” or “OTP.” While two-factor authentication is not required to play Fortnite, we highly recommend that you enable it to help protect your account from unauthorized access. This article will show you how to enable 2fa for Fortnite on Epic Games account.

What is 2FA ?

In the world of digital technology that we live in, Two factors authentication (2FA) can be more essential than ever before to secure our accounts online. While a password can be an excellent first step to securing our accounts, it’s still not enough.

Even when someone has your password, it won’t allow them to get access to the account when 2FA is enabled. The most commonly used type of 2FA is a number that’s transmitted to your phone; however, there are other options, too.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the definition of 2FA, what it is, how it works, and the different forms of 2FA.

How does 2AF Works ?

Two-factor authentication is a critical security criterion to protect your online accounts from hacking. This is how it works when you activate two-factor authentication on your account; you’ll be required to provide two pieces of information in order to log in.

First, you’ll need your regular login name and password; second is a code generated through an app that you have on your phone or a token that is physically placed in your hand. If you don’t have both of these details, it would be extremely difficult to enable 2FA.

When 2FA is successfully enabled, it will be very difficult for anyone to access your account; even if they have access to your username, they’ll need to be able to access either your mobile phone or token to sign in.

Two-factor authentication is an excellent method to add layer of security to your online accounts. So basically, enabling 2fa on fortnite epic game is a game changer, you don’t need to be scared of hackers.

Forms of 2FA

There are many different types of 2FA. Hardware-based 2FA uses a physical device like a key fob or USB drive. The second type is more like a soft token which is commonly used; Fortnite epic games uses the second type of 2FA.

Benefits Of Using 2FA ?

Two-factor authentication has many advantages, making it a great security precaution for online accounts. The user must have two vital details to log in with two-factor authentication.

For example, a password or a code sent to an email or text. This makes it more challenging for someone to hack into an account since they would need both the code and the password. Two-factor authentication can also protect sensitive information, such as financial or medical records. This provides additional security and helps to protect the information.

How to Enable 2FA on Fortnite Epic Games

  1. Visit the ‘Epic Games’ website Here.
  2. Choose Sign In in the top-right-hand corner. Log into the account you have created (Fortnite account).
  3. Your username is located at the top of the screen, then click Account.
  4. Choose Password & Security and scroll down to Two-Factor authentication.

There are three choices to make use of to activate 2FA. These comprise Authenticator App, SMS Authentication, and Email Authentication. Choose one, and follow the appropriate steps:

  1. If you are using Authenticator App, follow this instruction: Install and download an authenticator application on your smartphone. Then, open it and look up your QR code. The verification number will show within the application. Input this code into the appropriate browser and then activate the.
  2. SMS Authentication: Enter the country code for your country and then input your phone number. Select Send Code. You’ll be sent a verification code by SMS (SMS). Input this code in your preferred browser and then click on “Activate.
  3. Email Verification: Your verification code will be delivered to your Epic account’s address. Enter the code, then click Continue, and then click Done.


Two Factor authentication can be a great method to increase security for online accounts. Two Factor authentication does not guarantee security, and there are other ways to circumvent it. Protecting your online accounts with Two Factor Authentication is the best way to do so.

Originally posted 2022-10-16 23:33:00.

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