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SLP to PHP Today

Small Love Potion is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency you can earn by playing Axie Infinity. This digital asset acts as a replacement for experience points.

SLP is an ERC-20 token that can be used to create new digital pets called. It starts at 100 SLP and increases slowly – the second breed is 200 SLP, then the third is 300 SLP. Next, the fourth breed is 500 SLP. Fiveth is for 800 SLP; the sixth is for 1300.

Axis can only be bred seven times, and it costs 2100 SLP. This limit is in place to stop hyperinflation in the market.

SLP can also be obtained through games. Players can win 15 competitions in order to obtain enough tokens to complete the first breed. SLP can be purchased on the open marketplace. This gives gamers a better chance to start their careers.

What is Small Love Potion(SLP) ?

SLP To PHP today

Playing the AxieInfinity game will earn you small Love Potion tokens (SLP).

SLP are ERC-20 tokens and can be used to create new digital pets, known as Axies.

The initial cost of breeding starts at 100 SLP, but it increases slowly — increasing to 200 SLP in the second breed, 300 in the third, 500 in the fourth, 800 in the fifth, and 1,300 by the sixth.

Axies may only be bred seven times. The seventh breed is 2,100 SLP. This limit is to keep the market from becoming hyperinflation.

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It may take time to accumulate SLP in the game. Players might need to win 15 contests to get enough tokens to perform their first breeding.

Gaming enthusiasts can start their journey by buying SLP on the open market.

Who were the founders of small love potions?

Trung Nguyen (the company’s CEO) left his job as a U.S.A. software developer to devote himself to the project. Nguyen says blockchain is greatly influencing blockchain’s gaming potential, as many players don’t have significant assets in infamous games.

The Ethereum platform has allowed us to create a “dreamgame,” according to blockchain gamers. This breed process is for those who have already played CryptoKitties or other collectable games.

What Makes Small Love Potions Unique?

SLP is a currency used for gaming. CEO Nguyen made it mandatory to use the coin in Super Mario. Nguyen states that Axies is unique from other fungible tokens. It is a unique token as it comes under top gaming tokens and is listed on Binance Exchanges.

How Secure is the Small Love Potion Network?

SLM does NOT have its blockchain. Instead, it runs on Ethereum(ETH), a highly secure blockchain. Ethereum’s blockchain has the highest security, and many of the most well-known cryptocurrencies were made on it. SLP token is unique because of this.

The circulating stock of Small Love Potion (SLP).

Small Love Potion currently ranks at #378 worldwide with a $94.05 million market. SLP is currently in the growth stage. It is constantly evolving. It is common in the gamer community. The circulating supply of SLM stands at 404.09 Million, with a $10.67 Million 24h trading volume.

What is a small love potion?

SLP was launched initially, but it is now available on most top exchanges. These two exchanges are not the only ones that offer SLP. They also list other trustworthy exchanges.

  • Hoo Market
  • CoinEx
  • Bilaxy Market

SLP can’t be bought directly using Fiat currencies. It is necessary to convert fiat currency such as Euros, Pounds or Dollars into the most popular cryptocurrency pairs (USDT, USDC, BUSDUSD, ETHBTC and many other others) before you can convert into SLP.

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