Top 10 Fruit picking Jobs with Accommodation In Australia for Foreigners

If you are in search of best fruit picking jobs with Accommodation, you should understand that there are certain job opportunities which are Seasonal, “Seasonal” meaning jobs that are based on period, Climate, location or base on some factors which has great tendency to change, One of such jobs is the fruit picking job.

Fruit picking jobs are harvest jobs that are available in seasons base on location, so it is quite possible for fruit pickers to be employed throughout the year lf they could monitor the harvest calendar of most locations having farms, that is knowing the harvest season for each fruit according to location.

It is quite interesting to know that fruit pickers are travelers, they tend to travel to locations having fruit picking jobs with accommodation as a result fruit picker are exposed to quite a new environment, culture, people. You can as well conclude that travelling or visiting new places is an added advantage of the fruit picking job.

Fruit picking jobs are mostly remote in nature base on the fact that fruits are harvested in farms and most farms are widely located in remote areas. Remote areas meaning areas that are not well developed or areas that are rural in nature.

Foreigners can as well apply for fruit picking jobs once they are hardworking and have experience in farm labor, for foreigners living outside the country it is advisable to confirm their employment before applying for visa or resident permit.

Do fruit Pickers get Accommodation?

Actually, some farmers do provide accommodation for their workers and then tend to deduct the rent payment from the worker’s salary while some lease with working caravan park managers for their workers accommodation.

However, as a fruit picker you could search for Working hostels in the country base on how close they are to your fruit picking job location. It is also advisable for fruit pickers to consider their pay before renting hostels to help them save better.

Fruit pickers should also consider their security in their choice of hostel. This is crucial when selecting or choosing a hostel or accommodation to stay for your seasonal fruit picking job.

What is the hourly rate for fruit pickers with Accommodation?

Hourly rate for fruit pickers differs by location, considering records the United States of America tops the list of countries whose fruit pickers are actually top earners.

As at August 2023 the average annual pay for fruit pickers in the United States was around $35,356 per year, with this the earning rate in an hour should be $32.19 while the earning rate per week should be around $488 giving us a conclusion of $4,113 per month.

We could draw our conclusion that united states fruit pickers are the top earners when it comes to the fruit picking job in which some of it top fruit pickers also earn as high as $32,000 annually as salaries.

Most fruit picking job salaries ranges from as low as $21,500 to $28,000 per year.

The table below gives a rundown of every necessary data about the hourly rate for fruit pickers in the world at large.

Fruit picking job Salary

 Annual payMonthly Payweekly pay
United states$31,000$2,583$596$15
Top countries$28,000$2,333$538$13
Developing Countries$21,500$1,791$413$10

How much do you get paid for fruit picking in Australia?

Fruit picking in Australia comes with a lot of benefit such as the tourist attraction, most fruit pickers do spend time having a good view of Australia while still working as fruit pickers.

Fruit pickers in Australia are either payed based on the number of hours spent picking fruit or base on how many fruits picked by workers. Australia tends to reward hardworking fruit pickers who are quite happy about their job.

Record has it that least fruit picking job in Australian pays fruit pickers around AUD$21.6 per hour. So, if you’re quite accommodating and hardworking as a fruit picker in Australia you could earn a little better than average.

However, an average fruit picker in Australia earns $58,704 in a year that is $30.10 per hour though beginner fruit pickers earn $49,936 per year.

Is fruit picking a hard job?

Though people see fruit picking as an exciting, Romantic endeavor, but to be honest fruit picking is hard, it is physically demanding. Most fruit pickers who tend to enjoy the fruit picking profession are self-motivated.

The fruit picking job is not as easy considering the way it is been painted, I can assure you that it is not (as some television commercials suggest) strolling through a field or orchard, picking an apple or cauliflower at random. You have to work swiftly, carrying big bags of apples or bending over picking strawberries, and you don’t get the luxury of a coffee break or a talk in the kitchen with a coworker till its lunchtime.

Everyone has a quota, and in many instances, you are only compensated for the amount of work you complete. True, there is a minimum pay, but if you don’t reach your targets on a consistent basis, you’re likely to lose your job, and in order to meet those targets, you must work at full speed all day.

Even if you’re young, the prospect of having to do it all over again the next day was daunting. It’s unrealistic to expect the fruit picking job to be filled by people who have spent their whole lives working in offices, and many would be asked to leave immediately due to their poor performance.

While picking fruit, there’s a lot to consider; it’s not as simple as walking along and collecting everything in your way. When picking apples, keep in mind their size, color, whether they’re damaged, and how hard they are (different for each kind) – as well as making sure you don’t pick the pollinator tree, which has a different variety on it, and ruin the entire box of fruit. If you pick low-quality fruit, it will not be counted toward your salary. This is quite enough proof to tell you that the fruit picking or harvesting  job is hard.

Salary for fruit pickers in Canada with accomodation

In Canada, an average fruit picker earns $22,571 per year, or $11.58 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $22,230 per year, with the highest-paid individuals earning up to $27,788 per year.

The salary for fruit picking employment in Canada is determined by the farming industry, season, and volume of production.

Salaries base on some notable regions in Canada

  • British Columbia:  $28,470
  • Ontario:  $27,300
  • Nova Scotia:  $24,473

How to apply for fruit picking jobs in Canada

Anyone who lives and works lawfully in Canada is eligible to apply for fruit picking jobs in Canada. Your employment application will not be considered by the farming industry or employer if you are not currently permitted to work in Canada. Every fruit picker and farm worker in Canada requires a working visa.

Those with a valid Canada fruit picker visa can also apply for picking positions directly through the employer’s website.


Q1: Can I participate in fruit picking jobs as a tourist?

A: Yes, travelers with the appropriate work visa, like the Working Holiday visa, can engage in fruit picking jobs.

Q2: Are fruit picking jobs suitable for everyone?

A: Fruit picking requires physical fitness and stamina. Individuals seeking outdoor, hands-on work experiences will find it most suitable.

Q3: What types of fruits are commonly picked in Australia?

A: Australia’s diverse climate allows for the picking of various fruits, including apples, berries, citrus, and more.

Q4: How do I ensure fair pay and working conditions?

A: Familiarize yourself with Australia’s labor laws and seek jobs through reputable sources that prioritize fair treatment.

Q5: Can I extend my visa if I wish to continue fruit picking?

A: Some visa types, like the Working Holiday visa, offer extensions under certain conditions. Check with the appropriate authorities for details.

Originally posted 2023-08-12 05:18:00.

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