Outstanding Seasonal Jobs for You | Ups, Amazon and Target Seasonal Jobs in 2022

Seasonal Jobs | Overview

Seasonal jobs in Finland are great variety of job options which are short term jobs or temporal in nature, as the name implies ‘seasonal’ and it is mostly a part time kind of job in Finland.

Seasonal jobs in Finland favor’s workers who are not satisfied with their current pay and it also favors college student during their holiday or break.

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, the official Language are Finish and Sweden.

Seasonal employee coming from outside the European Union or European Economic area must apply for Resident permit for seasonal jobs if their period of stay in Finland is between three to nine months, but if your job role won’t elapse more than 90 days it is advisable you apply for certificate of seasonal work which gives you the opportunity of flying to Finland as a foreigner without a visa.

Also, Resident permit for employed person is meant for those from the member state or employees whose job role requires more than nine months of stay in Finland.

CLICK HERE to apply for resident permit in Finland.

Industries That Employ for Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal Jobs for You Ups, Amazon and Target Seasonal Jobs

Amazon Seasonal Jobs

During the summer, resorts in areas with beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and popular attractions receive most of their guests. Hotels and restaurants are always looking for seasonal employees, and you can apply for jobs as a tour guide or a lifeguard. Seasonal activities such as surfing and ice skating can also be taught. Because of superb ski slopes, lovely snow, or warm homes, some areas attract more visitors in the winter.

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Working at a state or national park, becoming a summer camp counselor, or leading hikes or adventure tours are all options if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Many people relocate for tourism-related occupations temporarily. You may travel to incredible destinations while earning money to fund your trip.

Ups Seasonal Jobs

The majority of construction, such as constructing a new home or installing a roof, takes place during the summer. The busiest seasons in areas with hot, rainy summers are spring and fall. In the fall, areas with cold winters require additional heating contractors, while in the spring, places with warmer temperatures demand assistance with air conditioners.

Target Seasonal Jobs

In the fall and winter, retail establishments typically hire seasonal sales staff. They have an influx of consumers who want to decorate their homes for Halloween and purchase costumes and candy for their children. Customers then shop on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving. It’s the start of the busiest shopping season of the year.

You may be a manager, a cashier, a salesperson, someone who stocks shelves or wraps gifts. You might play a ghost or one of Santa’s helpers in a haunted mansion. Look for jobs near amusement parks or stores specializing in summer gear like boats or wetsuits if you want to work throughout the summer.

Food Package Delivery

Some restaurants require more delivery personnel throughout the holiday season. People order more frequently because they would rather spend time with their families or do their shopping than cook. They also have a large number of visitors to feed. During these months, most individuals order packages for friends and family or themselves, offering prospects for seasonal work at a package distribution center or as a delivery driver.


People in the Finland have a specific season to file their tax returns. During these months, many accountants and CPAs accomplish the majority of their work. Firms hire extra help to handle consumer calls, produce advertising or marketing campaigns, and assist clients with tax filing.

The Right Approach in Getting Season Jobs

Networking with Like Minds

You should inform any business contacts, friends, family members, and coworkers that you seek a temporary position. Please make sure you tell them when you want to start, how long you want to work, and what industries you want to work in. Someone you know might know someone seeking for seasonal work. You might also request a reference or a recommendation from your current employer.

Apply for Jobs Early

Start looking for work at least a month before you want to start working so you have enough time to apply for numerous positions, attend interviews, and purchase uniforms, work boots, and other necessary items.

Have a Watchlist

If you don’t obtain a job offer for the position you desire, look for jobs in the same field to build experience and improve your prospects for next year’s success. You may, for example, work as a receptionist for an accountant to apply for a position handling taxes next year.

Consider returning to your previous seasonal employment if you enjoyed it. If your boss knows what you do, they may give you new responsibilities or pay raises. You could be able to earn full-time employment or a seasonal management role in the future.

Get Prepared For Interviews

Prepare for a job interview by researching the company and anticipating common interview questions. If the interviewer asks why you desire seasonal employment, you could respond that you want to gain industry experience, earn additional money, and eventually obtain a full-time job in the sector. You may also show your interest by asking a few questions about a typical day or the most popular customer kinds.

Any Seasonal Job Opportunities for Foreigners ?

There exist a great variety of job opportunities for finish speaking foreigners or for foreigners whose level of  experience ranges from 5-10 years.

Foreigners are advised to apply for less competitive jobs in Finland e.g. journalist, actor etc. except the foreigner in question is an expert and has experience.

We sincerely advise foreigners who wish to work in Finland to learn the Finnish language, however foreigners living outside Finland are meant to have secured a job in Finland before applying for residential permit.

Sites or Resources to Get a Seasonal Jobs in 2022

There are numerous of job search engines available for job seekers both skilled and unskilled who desire to work in Finland or anywhere in the world, however job seekers are advised often to spend quality time in the planning, arrangement and building of their Resume or CV(curriculum vitae).

Job seekers should likely expect a good response from this job sites if their Resume or CV is quite okay. Our team has taken time in listing some of the top job search engines below.

  1. Indeed: indeed is a US job site for job seekers, it also contains the Finish version of jobs in Finland.
  2. Careerjet: A good job site for job seekers who wish to work abroad.
  3. Finland ministry of labour: This site contains job vacancies in Finland.
  4. Monster Finland: A job site for job seekers who want to work in Finland. 

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