[Working Method] How To Use Discord on Xbox One 2022

Discord on Xbox, Let’s Talk

Discord started out as a messaging app. But, Discord is expanding its reach. Discord is not available in an official app, but you can use it on Xbox One. Perhaps you are looking for instructions on how to install Discord on Xbox One. Here’s a quick guide to setting up Discord on Xbox One. Discord is a must-have for console gamers who are avid and regular players.

Discord is a revolutionary app that has revolutionized the gaming experience for nearly every console gamer. It sounds exciting, right? Don’t worry if you don’t have enough information about Discord. Let’s talk about Discord and how it can be used on Xbox.

Communication is a key factor in any game. Discord was launched to solve communication problems for gamers. It allows gamers all over the world to connect. Many gamers don’t know that Discord can be used on Xbox. This article will show you how to use Discord on the Xbox console.

Creating A Discord Account

Many gamers have a Discord account. Without a great communication application, it is impossible to continue playing games. Possibly, you may not have one. First, create a Discord Account.

It is easy to create a Discord account. All you need is a username and a strong password. You should also provide a functional email address, which is crucial for verifying your account.

There is no set way to create an account. You can either use Discord’s Site from your computer or complete the process using the app for your smartphone.

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Two Verified Methods To Use Discord On Xbox

How To Use Discord on Xbox One

1. Linking Your Xbox one

  • Select the Linked Social Accounts option from Account Settings of Xbox
  • Click on the Link Discord menu in the menu.
  • A six-digit verification code will then be generated. Enter that number into the Discord app.
  • That can be done using the connection menu on your discord desktop or mobile device.

2. Linking Via Discord phone or Desktop App

  • Select the Linked Social Accounts option from Account Settings of Xbox
  • Click on the Link Discord menu in the menu.
  • After that, you will receive a 6-digit verification pin. Enter that number into the Discord app.
  • Using the connection menu on your discord desktop or mobile device can be done.

Alternative Methods on How to use Xbox on Discord ?

Once you have created your Discord profile, the next step is to get on your Xbox console. You will be shocked to learn that Discord can only work with Xbox One consoles.

  1. Please ensure that your Xbox One is activated as we continue with this guide!
  2. Next, take your Xbox One controller out and locate the Xbox one button. Continue scrolling until the ‘Profile & System’ button appears.
  3. Next, click ‘Settings’ to locate the ‘Account’ option. If you see a link to Linked Social Accounts under the ‘Account’ option, please click it.
  4. Scroll to the right and then click on Link’ in Discord. Click on “A” to open a new window. Select “Yes” and you will be taken to the Discord box.
  5. Now you need to grab your smartphone. Make sure it has the Discord App. To access the Discord app, open it on your phone. Next, navigate to the “Settings,” “Connections,” and finally touch on “Add.”
  6. If you click on ‘Add new connections,’ you will see “Xbox Live.” You must tap on it.
  7. Next, enter the code shown on your Xbox One, and all your accounts will be connected quickly!

Wrapping Up

Surprisingly technology has seen so much innovation and progress that it is now possible for gamers from all parts of the globe to connect. Discord is a popular messaging app for gamers due to its amazing features. Unfortunately, not all features are available on consoles.

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