[Updated 2022] The Leading Anonymous Chat Apps and Websites in 2022

It’s easy to chat with strangers online. Instant chat rooms and apps are available that allow users to remain anonymous while still facilitating conversation between people from all over the globe.

There are many chat sites. Many chat sites require you to choose a username and gender. Others only require you to provide a birthdate. A few others allow you to completely anonymously avoid asking any questions.

Although chat apps are ubiquitous, users often use them to find other means of reaching their goals. While the most used chat apps can be useful for chatting with friends, many prefer anonymous chat apps to make new connections and not just converse with their existing friends. You can make new friends and acquaintances by interacting with people.

These apps can be used to communicate with strangers and share images, videos, or information. However, there are also some downsides. These apps can be very fun, and you may form new friendships with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps and Sites in 2022

Anonymous Chat Apps and Websites
Anonymous Chat Apps and Websites

0. Chatous

Download: Chatous for Android | iOS 

Chatous is a great way to chat with strangers around the globe. Chatous is a great way to meet people from all walks of life.

In a world of billions, there are many people who are passionate about one topic. Chatous is a great way to communicate with people around the globe. And unlike other apps, you can break down conversations by topic.

Chatous is similar to Twitter. Users can use Chatous for topics that include hashtags. Once the topic is found, users can enter a chat room with others who are interested in the same topic.

This all happens anonymously. Chat rooms can be accessed and left at any time. You can share audio and video as well as links to social media sites.

1. ChattUsa

Visit Chattusa

This anonymous chat room is often populated by a few hundred people online. All you need to register for an account is your age and some other details. You can instantly chat with any user. Filtering allows you to find only males and females.

2. Chat Avenue

Visit Chat Avenue

There are many anonymous chat rooms that you can use. All you need is a username. You can join a college room for singles, dating, or general purposes.

3. Psst!

Download: Psst! for Android 

Do you want to talk anonymously about a topic with your friends? Psst, a chat app that uses the user’s Facebook account to communicate anonymously with friends and family, is an interesting alternative to other chat apps.

You can even block people from having private conversations. To add friends to a conversation, you must be friend-linked to allow you to share photos with them. This prevents strangers from taking unwelcome photos.

You can also discreetly follow your friends’ social media posts without them knowing. All messages and PMs are not saved as they are temporary. Screenshots cannot be taken, and profiles deleted without retroactive recovery are removed.

4. TalkWithStranger

Visit TalkWithStranger

Jump from one person to another until you find the person you are looking for. This anonymous chat room website does not require any identifiable information. Simply click the link to start chatting. You can send pictures and voice notes.

5. Chatlib

Visit Chatlib

You can get a list of all online users (usually thousands) and send private messages. To access this anonymous chat room, you will need to specify a username, gender, location, and country. You can search for people by country, gender, or username. You can create your own profile or join others to meet singles, religious, college, and other purposes.

6. ChatOften

Download: TalkOften for iPhone 

ChatOften, a popular app for iOS users, allows users to quickly and easily start chats with people they meet worldwide. There are two options for the app: a premium and a free version. Each has different features.

If the user wishes to share photos and personal information, they can create an individual profile.

Talking to strangers about anything is a great way to meet new people. As long as you’re at least 18 years old, you can have endless conversations with them without fear of harassment.

ChatOften enforces a zero harassment policy and will remove anyone who is not friendly.

7. Chatiw

Visit Chatiw

This anonymous chat room allows you to select a nickname and choose an age, gender, or country. While there’s only one chat room available, there are many people who can be identified by their gender and age. You can send images and text chats. This one is also available as an Android application.

7. StrangerMeetup

Visit StrangerMeetup

There is no need to enter a username, gender, or password. Just start typing in this anonymous chatroom. You can also check the number of online chatters at any given moment. Text only. No images, videos, or other files.

8. Connected2.Me

Download: Connected2.Me for Android | iOS 

Connected2.me allows users to create profiles with any information, including a photo. Or, they can leave it blank if they wish to remain anonymous.

You can create a profile to hide your identity. Users communicate only using nicknames that conceal their identities. Only users can find out the identities of their partners if they are willing to reveal them.

Connected2.me is able to host experts and celebrities. Businesses can use it to gain a real sense of their customers’ opinions about their products and services without having to reveal who they are.

The app is heavily inspired by Instagram and Snapchat. It lists at the top the most popular stories from your most commonly contacted users.

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9. Zooroom

Download: Zooroom for Android | iOS 

Zooroom allows users to chat anonymously with strangers via video. While video chatters can be resource-hogging, Zooroom is lightweight in that it doesn’t over drain a device’s battery.

Before you can chat via video, users will need to create a new chatroom. However, once it is established, friends can share the link with others who are able to join the conversation.

10. MeetMe

Download: MeetMe iOS Free

MeetMe began as a dating site. However, it has evolved to be an anonymous chat platform with over 100,000,000 users.

Chat isn’t the only option. Users also have the ability to see how many views they have earned, which admirers they have, and what gifts they have received.

You can also play some arcade-based and casino games together. While the dating aspect of MeetMe is still very prevalent, it is more a place where people can meet and get to understand each other.

11. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Download Anonymous Chatrooms for Android Free

The name is on the nose. This site allows people to anonymously talk about any topic they want with strangers. It isn’t its main purpose. Some people use the app to date, but that is less anonymous.

The app adheres to a zero-bot policy. This prohibits the use of names, violence, or ads. It also does not record history and does NOT give any user that ability. This makes it possible for people to have pleasant, cordial conversations about common everyday topics.

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