[Solved] Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2022

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, with over 10,000 stores located around the globe. Apply Pay is the world’s largest mobile payment provider, with 507 million users. If you are wondering whether Walmart accepts Apple Pay, the following will answer your question.

Walmart Pay uses QR codes, which are different from other mobile payments that use Near Field Communication. (Google Pay and Apple Pay) to process the payments.

Customers can now use their mobile phones to securely pay for items using this new payment system. Walmart Pay can be used to link any major credit, debit, or prepaid card as well as a Walmart Gift Card.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay ?

Walmart does NOT accept Apple Pay at its stores. Instead, they will allow you to use your Walmart Pay product.

What is Apple Pay at Walmart?

Apple Pay is not available at Walmart. Walmart Pay works similarly to Apple Pay. However, you can download Walmart Pay from the app.

What’s Walmart Mobile Pay ?

Walmart Pay, its mobile payment product, is available. Walmart Pay works in a similar way to Apple Pay but can only work at Walmart stores.

Walmart Pay: How to Use it

Walmart Pay is very simple to use. It works just like Apple Pay but requires a few more steps. (I must admit, it is slower).

You can start shopping in any Walmart store by simply doing what you normally do. After you’ve found everything you need to shop, visit a cashier-assisted checkout or self-checkout.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

You can let the cashier know you’re using WalmartPay or choose the option if self-checkout is used (first scan all items).

On the terminal, a unique QR code will be displayed. Open Walmart Pay and enter your passcode. To verify the payment, use Touch ID or Face ID. The QR code can then be scanned using the camera on your smartphone.

After scanning the code, the cashier (or automated Register) will process payment. A confirmation message should be sent to you confirming that your purchase is complete.

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Walmart Pay doesn’t require you to keep a receipt. If you need to return or exchange an item, your eReceipt will be saved to your account. Your eReceipts are available to all your favorite coupon applications immediately after you use Walmart Pay.

Walmart Doesn’t Have Apple Pay?

Walmart won’t accept Apple Pay and instead recommends that you use Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay gives the following benefits to the company.

  1. Walmart is working to develop its own ecosystem of mobile and financial products in order to compete against banks and fintech companies.
  2. Walmart is exempt from paying any Apple fees.
  3. Walmart is able to collect data from its customers. This would be much more difficult if the customer used Apple Pay.

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