How To Watch Instagram Stories without getting known

Everybody has at one time or another “snooped” on Instagram. You may need to keep an eye on a partner, former friend, or professional rival.

It’s easy to spy on someone digitally, provided they have their accounts open to the public and have not blocked you.

Insta-stalking someone is difficult because you can’t use the Instagram Story viewer and get caught while viewing Stories. Unintentionally tapping someone’s Stories is nearly as harmful as accidentally liking an old Instagram photo.

How can you see someone’s Instagram Stories and not be able to spy on their content? How is it possible? We have gathered three ways to spy on an Instagram Story without being caught.

Watch Instagram Stories without getting known

Use of third-party application (Story Saver).

This is probably the best way to see Instagram stories privately. Particularly if you’re trying to view stories on a private account, let’s now take a deeper look at the steps.

1. Get the StorySaver app for your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

2 After you launch the app, log in with your Instagram account.

3 Logging in to Story Saver using your Instagram account will bring up a list of all Insta accounts you have followed. This includes private accounts.

4. Now, Tap on the account whose secret story you wish to view.

5. Once you tap on the account name, all Instagram stories, photos and videos will be visible. Tap and hold the photo or video to view it secretly.

Story Saver allows you to save the stories anonymously.

How to anonymously watch Instagram Stories on a Computer

This is by far one of the most convenient ways to view someone’s Instagram Stories and not have them know.

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Simply visit Type the account’s handle in the search bar, and hit Enter.

If you have correctly spelled the handle, it should appear under the search bar (with the account’s profile picture), as well as the number and date of their last uploads.

Scroll down to the profile photo by clicking on it. You will be able anonymously to view all their Instagram Stories.

You don’t even need an Instagram account to view their Stories. This is the best thing about this method. Even if the account has blocked you, you want to talk, and you can still view their Stories and download them.

This method is particularly useful for digital marketers, influencers agencies, and brands that want to save Instagram Stories right to their computers to be used for post-campaign reporting.

Use slow, careful swipes.

Another hack. This trick works best when you have Insta stories with photos.

  1. Start the Instagram app from your Android phone.
  2. Then, search for the story you want to see.
  3. Don’t tap on this story. Click on the next story.
  4. To pause the story, you can use LongPress
  5. Now slowly, but carefully, return to the story. Don’t go back to the story until you are able to see its contents.

While this method isn’t always reliable, it has been proven to work for some people. Make sure to transition to the previous story carefully and slowly.

Keep your eyes off of the previous story. Instagram will automatically register you as an Instagram viewer.

How to secretly watch Instagram Stories on Your iPhone

You can view the Instagram Stories of anonymous users from your laptop or desktop computer, but you don’t want to see their private messages.

Just download Story Poster and log into your Instagram account with your details.

Enter the account that you want anonymously to view in the search box. Do not worry if the account name is misspelled or you are unsure of its correct handle.

The app will give you a list of accounts matching your search keyword. You’re more likely to find it even if your spelling is wrong.

Tap on the username to choose the account that you want to creep out of the list.

You’ll then be able to see a folder that will list how many Stories the user had posted within the last twenty-four hours, along with when their last story was posted.

Tap on it to open individual Stories anonymously.

If you have been blocked by the Instagram user who you want to stalk, this method will not work. If your account is blocked, you can set up a second Instagram profile for Story Reposter. You can also view their Stories on a computer using

Create a new Instagram account

This is the last trick, and it’s quite simple. To discreetly view the stories of others, create a new Instagram account.

However, there are some rules you need to follow so that you don’t accidentally reveal who you are through your new profile.

1. When creating a new account, be careful with the information you provide. You should not link any of this information to your Instagram account.

2 If you wish to see the secret Instagram story, we recommend following it.

It would be suspicious if that user sees someone checking out every story but not following.

3. If you wish to see the story of a private account, you will need to follow it. Try to make your account appear as legitimate as possible.

An anonymous Instagram account can be viewed for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t have to be about spying on someone or stalking someone.

Marketers and brands may want to conduct anonymous research before approaching influencers for campaigns. This includes anonymizing researching Stories content. An influencer might want to spy on another account’s Stories in order to see if someone is copying or stealing their content.

If someone feels they are being bullied or slandered on another Instagram account’s Stories account, they may want to discreetly keep a record without notifying the account owner.

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